Top 10 Better Call Saul Episodes

An incredible show that only got better with each season, it was only a matter of time before I did a Better Call Saul episode ranking on my blog. I was tempted to rank them all, but I think a top 10 would get the point across just as well.

I’d like to give some quick honourable mentions: “Pimento” and “Nailed” are great early season episodes, and “Bad Choice Road” and “Waterworks” were so unbelievably close to making the final cut.

So, what are my top 10 favourite Better Call Saul episodes?

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10 – Wiedersehen (4-9)

Season 4’s first half felt a little slow, especially the part about building Gus’s superlab. I knew, however, that this team of accomplished writers would be able to make it all worthwhile.

“Wiedersehen” was when the the walls started tumbling down, both for Mike / Gus and Jimmy / Kim. That scene on the rooftop particularly was one of the dramatic highlights of the entire series.

9 – Five-O (1-6)

Part of the issue with Season 1 is that they hadn’t really justified the non-Jimmy storyline yet, but the one exception to that was “Five-O”.

Mike was already one of my favourite Breaking Bad characters, so it was fascinating to see such a tragic insight into his problematic past. Jonathan Banks gave one of the most heart-breaking performances I’ve ever seen.

8 – Fun and Games (6-9)

Coming immediately after two of the finest episodes of TV I’ve ever witnessed, “Fun and Games” seemed like a bit of a step down at the time of watching. In hindsight, I realise that this may just be the most important episode of all.

The Jimmy / Kim relationship came to a head after a gut-wrenching scene at HHM, and Mike and Gus put the past behind them. When they suddenly jumped forwards to Breaking Bad-era Saul, I was pumped for the final stretch of episodes.

7 – Rock and Hard Place (6-3)

Michael Mando, take a bow.

Nacho got put through his paces in “Rock and Hard Place”, and Mando’s acting should have won him an Emmy. It all culminated in one of the most blood-pumping and nail-biting endings in any non-finale episode I’ve ever seen – I don’t think I could have conceived of a more badass end for Nacho.

6 – Bagman (5-8)

Better Call Saul rarely delved into action, but when it did it was so shocking that you couldn’t help but gasp.

The scenes of the desert shoot-out and the car flip were jaw-dropping, and the focus on Jimmy and Mike’s relationship led to some of my favourite character interactions in the whole series.

5 – Chicanery (3-5)

Jimmy’s feud with Chuck in the courtroom, with all of the fantastic dialogue exchanges and acting masterclasses that it brought, has a good shout at being the best scene in the entire series.

I’m not a huge fan of courtroom dramas, but “Chicanery” proved that Better Call Saul could exceed my expectations and, on occasion, even rival Breaking Bad.

4 – Saul Gone (6-13)

“Saul Gone” was nowhere near as action-packed as Breaking Bad’s finale, but it was just as satisfying and climactic.

Every character got the ending they deserved, and the writers even threw in a few surprises to keep us on our toes. All things considered, this is one of the best drama finales this century.

3 – Winner (4-10)

My favourite season finale, “Winner” had too much going for it that I’d be crazy not to give it a podium finish.

The karaoke cold open was loads of fun, Lalo started to become a fearsome antagonist, Mike killing Werner was utterly tragic, and Jimmy birthed Saul Goodman for the first time. I can’t believe they crammed that much stuff in and still pulled it off flawlessly!

2 – Point and Shoot (6-8)

The mid-point of Season 6 is the absolute peak of Better Call Saul, with “Point and Shoot” being one of my most anticipated TV episodes of all time.

After the events of episode seven, it was an agonising month’s wait to find out what would happen next. The answer didn’t disappoint – the action was superb, and Lalo got a badass send-off.

1 – Plan and Execution (6-7)

The most perfect episode of the series, “Plan and Execution” is gripping from start to finish.

Jimmy and Kim’s con against Howard was the most complex and frantic they ever did, and the fallout at their apartment is the best scene in the show. I’m not exaggerating when I say my jaw dropped for a solid minute once the credits rolled.

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