Breaking Bad Season 5A Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

Oh boy, now we’ve hit the big time. Season 5 of Breaking Bad is just so unbelievably perfect, there’s no other way to describe it. Even the filler episodes are pretty darn good, but when it hits the highs the show produces some of the best television episodes ever. Season 5 aired in two halves,Continue reading “Breaking Bad Season 5A Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

I really liked season 1 of Breaking Bad, but I wasn’t exactly hooked – I was definitely enjoying myself, but I wasn’t at the “oh my God this is consistently amazing” phase of the show. That phase came in season 2 – a brilliant season that starts to take the story in incredibly fascinating directions.Continue reading “Breaking Bad Season 2 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”