Every LCD Soundsystem Song Ranked

LCD Soundsystem have been one of my favourite bands for a long time, and after seeing them live last year my love has only grown.

They haven’t made many songs, but I’ll be ranking them all nonetheless. A couple of disclaimers – I haven’t included some deep cuts and B-sides, and this is highly subjective.

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48 – Thrills

As a point of reference, none of the songs in this tier are badly written – they just don’t provide the vibe I want from an LCD Soundsystem track.

Like with the other songs in this tier, I feel that “Thrills” doesn’t go anywhere meaningful. Also, that static sound effect does my head in.

47 – Tired

“Tired” sounds like a disjointed track by a drunk punk band.

46 – Great Release

LCD Soundsystem tried right from the get-go to make slow burn tracks that build to a climax, but they get it all wrong here.


45 – Pow Pow

An uncharacteristically sloppy dud from the otherwise fantastic “This Is Happening”.

44 – On Repeat

I know LCD Soundsystem songs are meant to be repetitive, but that repeated hook is way too simple and mind-numbing.

43 – Too Much Love

“Too Much Love” sounds out of place in the band’s discography.

42 – emotional haircut

A very plain track, and easily the weakest on “american dream”.

41 – Hippie Priest Bum-Out

I don’t think anyone listens to the “45:33” EP for this track.

40 – Give It Up

The first LCD Soundsystem album is easily my least favourite, mainly because the tracklist is stuffed full of pointless filler like “Give It Up”.


39 – Somebody’s Calling Me

I appreciate the creative risks they took, but “Somebody’s Calling Me” sounds too odd and off-putting.

38 – All I Want

“All I Want” sounds too broad and mainstream for my liking.

37 – Movement

A great track when played live, but the album version is a bit too chaotic.

36 – Beat Connection

A cool groove, but it doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from other tracks.

35 – 45:33

The first half of “45:33” is fantastic stuff, but the second half loses me.

34 – Yeah – Pretentious Mix

Funnily enough, “Yeah – Pretentious Mix” is unnecessary and a bit gaudy.


33 – i used to

One some days I can really get behind “i used to” and its mellow vibe, but on others it’s a little boring.

32 – Disco Infiltrator

A solid effort from their debut.

31 – black screen

A moving tribute to the late David Bowie.

30 – pulse (v.1.)

A bonus track from “american dream”. While it may be long, it has some good movements.

29 – Watch the Tapes

The first song from “Sound of Silver” to make the list – I just don’t find it to be particularly captivating. That being said, it still has a good groove.

28 – Yeah

The better version of the two “Yeah” tracks.

27 – change yr mind

Some people might be put off by the random atonality in “change yr mind”, but I love how unique it is.

26 – how do you sleep?

More of a slow burn than even their usual stuff, but once “how do you sleep?” reaches the drop I’m sold.


25 – Home

25/48 LCD Soundsystem songs are at least “Great” – if that’s not a sign of quality, I don’t know what is!

I never really got “Home” until hearing it live – it’s such a lovely track, and easily one of the band’s most heart-warming.

24 – other voices

A great bassline and some typically great lyrics.

23 – Yr City’s A Sucker

A hypnotic, entrancing critique of a creepy city.

22 – Never as Tired as When I’m Waking Up

One of their most underrated songs, “Never as Tired as When I’m Waking Up” has a raw realness to it that I can relate to.

21 – Sound of Silver

The title track from their best album. “Sound of Silver” isn’t necessarily a stand-out on its respective record, but it’s a well made and put-together song.

20 – Tribulations

With one of the nastiest synth hooks you’ll ever hear, “Tribulations” does a great job of getting stuck in your head.

19 – One Touch

I love the slow build-up and the chant-like singing in “One Touch” – I was mixed on it at first, but I love it more with each listen.

18 – american dream

The title track from their most recent album is one of the most gorgeous compositions they’ve ever done.

17 – North American Scum

A great, catchy track with some trademark humorous lyrics.

16 – Us V Them

The longest track from “Sound of Silver”, but every second feels earnt and worthwhile.

15 – You Wanted A Hit

A fantastic middle-finger to the record label pushing them to write a chart-topper.

14 – call the police

One of the lead singles from “american dream”, and it’s easy to see why. That bassline in the bridge is euphoric.

13 – Drunk Girls

One of the most pop-sounding and yet distinctly LCD Soundsystem tracks they ever did.

12 – Freak Out / Starry Eyes

One of the best 10+ minute songs ever. Both the “Freak Out” and “Starry Eyes” sections are incredibly catchy.


11 – oh baby

The title track on “american dream” may have been a gorgeous composition, but “oh baby” is truly stunning.

It invokes a calming nostalgia in every synth stab and drawn out chorus, yet it still has that electronic flair that LCD Soundsystem are known for.

10 – Time to Get Away

Shorter and more to the point than some of their others tracks, “Time to Get Away” has that beautiful blend of catchy electronica and commanding rock.

9 – tonite

My favourite track from “american dream”, “tonite” brilliantly pokes fun at modern pop lyrics whilst providing a funky groove backdrop.

8 – Daft Punk Is Playing at My House

One of their first big hits, “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” is just as energetic today as it was two decades ago.

After listening to it live, I have a newfound appreciation – the crowd went absolutely bonkers for each chorus!

7 – Get Innocuous!

LCD Soundsystem albums always open with a statement, and “Get Innocuous!” is just about as emphatic as it gets.

I love the thumping piano chords that get the ball rolling, and the key change during the drop gives me goosebumps.

6 – New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down

From the album’s opener to its closer – “New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down” is a brilliant way to end “Sound of Silver”.

It packs more of an emotional punch than a lot of the band’s other lyrics, and the sweeping piano riffs really up the drama.

5 – I Can Change

I may be wrong, but I think “I Can Change” was the first LCD Soundsystem song I ever heard – it was on a FIFA soundtrack, and I loved it immediately.

The lyrics are tender and painfully real, and the verses and chorus are some of the catchiest they’ve ever done.

All-Time Great

4 – Losing My Edge

I have my complaints about their debut album, but it’s more than worth a listen for “Losing My Edge” alone.

Right from the early years, James Murphey’s sardonic wit and penchant for funny lyrics is at the forefront, with a brilliant build-up to the final chorus.

3 – Someone Great

Murphey wrote “Someone Great” whilst grieving for his therapist, but the lyrics are so universal that I’ve applied it to both personal heart-breaks and losses.

Not only are the lyrics sombre and emotive, but the synth work is truly extraordinary. What’s even more incredible, however, is that it’s not even the best song on “Sound of Silver”.

2 – All My Friends

Even though “All My Friends” isn’t my favourite LCD Soundsystem song (on this day in particular, anyway), I can absolutely say that it was the show-stealer in the live performance I went to.

It’s the classic example of a minimalist, electronic bop crescendoing to a final chorus you’ll never forget, and I always get goosebumps listening to it.

1 – Dance Yrself Clean

“All My Friends” was my favourite LCD Soundsystem song for the longest time, but that all changed when I listened to “This Is Happening” and played its first track.

“Dance Yrself Clean” might just be the most hype opening song on any album ever – the drop after three minutes is staggering, and the various musical movements throughout the whole ten minutes means I’m never bored. A triumph in musical composition.

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