Top 15 Persona 4 Songs

Persona 4 Golden was the first Persona game I ever played. As a result, I have a huge nostalgia for its fantastic soundtrack. There are so many songs in this game that I love, so I’ll give you my top 15 favourites. Be warned – there may be some SPOILERS as to the context ofContinue reading “Top 15 Persona 4 Songs”

Top 20 Persona 5 Songs

Persona 5 has easily one of the greatest soundtracks in all of gaming, so much so that narrowing it down to my favourite 20 proved to be quite challenging – I reckon I could have made a list comprised of completely different tracks and some people wouldn’t have complained! These are all biased picks, butContinue reading “Top 20 Persona 5 Songs”

Doctor Who – Top 20 Songs

I love Doctor Who, and I believe it to have some of the best music in any TV show ever. Murray Gold is a genius (and Segun Akinola too … sometimes), and his musical compositions will stick with me forever. I have so many favourites, in fact, that I’ve selected my top 20 tracks fromContinue reading “Doctor Who – Top 20 Songs”

Ace Attorney – Top 50 Tracks

I love Ace Attorney. I love a great videogame soundtrack. Therefore the fact that I haven’t made this type of list yet baffles me – so to make up for it, I’m ranking a whopping fifty tracks across the entire series (spinoffs included!). Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first – thisContinue reading “Ace Attorney – Top 50 Tracks”

Ace Attorney Series – Pursuit Themes Ranked

I’ve already made a list ranking every single case from the Ace Attorney games, so it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the series. One of my favourite aspects of the Lawyer / Investigation / Visual Novel fusion of games has to be the outstanding music – there are so many iconic tracks,Continue reading “Ace Attorney Series – Pursuit Themes Ranked”