“Contempt of Court” – Cases Ranked / Review

I wasn’t expecting to ever make this review, but “Contempt of Court” – an Ace Attorney fan game – impressed me so much that I knew I had to talk about it. The whole thing was a pleasant surprise, and you can tell a lot of thought and care went into each case and sprite.Continue reading ““Contempt of Court” – Cases Ranked / Review”

Top 10 Danganronpa Twists

It’s been a while since I’ve dipped my toes in the Danganronpa waters, and what better topic to talk about than one of the series staples – the twists. More often than not, the Danganronpa twists really wowed me – I’ll be ranking my ten personal favourites from the main trilogy. Massive SPOILERS ahead (duh).Continue reading “Top 10 Danganronpa Twists”

Top 10 Ace Attorney Twists

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Ace Attorney list, so let’s kick things off with one of the staples of the franchise – the twists! I’ll be ranking my 10 personal favourites based on how well they were written and how much they affected me. A couple of disclaimers – I haven’t playedContinue reading “Top 10 Ace Attorney Twists”

Top 10 Best (& Worst) Ace Attorney Moments

Ace Attorney is one off – if not the – best videogame series I’ve ever played, and a lot of that it down to the jaw-dropping moments littered throughout. I’m not going to look at twists today (as that’s a separate list), but I thought I’d pick my 10 favourite and least favourite moments fromContinue reading “Top 10 Best (& Worst) Ace Attorney Moments”

My Top 25 Favourite Videogames Of All Time

I’ve made more lists than I can count talking about videogames, but I’ve never specifically listed out my favourites. After taking some time to gather my thoughts, I think I’ve come up with my 25 favourite games of all time (providing I haven’t forgotten any!). A few rules I set for myself: I’m only allowingContinue reading “My Top 25 Favourite Videogames Of All Time”

The Best & Worst Aspect Of Every Ace Attorney Game

Just when I thought the Ace Attorney stream had run dry, a brilliant idea for a list came into my head – what is the best and worst aspect of every Ace Attorney game? I’ll try to be as objective and impartial as I can, but I can’t help it if my personal opinion rearsContinue reading “The Best & Worst Aspect Of Every Ace Attorney Game”

Top 30 Ace Attorney Characters

I recently did a ranking of Great Ace Attorney main characters, and that got me thinking – what are my favourite characters across the WHOLE series? A couple of things to look out for – the spinoff series will be fair game this time around, and there might be major SPOILERS ahead. I did aContinue reading “Top 30 Ace Attorney Characters”

Ace Attorney – Top 50 Tracks

I love Ace Attorney. I love a great videogame soundtrack. Therefore the fact that I haven’t made this type of list yet baffles me – so to make up for it, I’m ranking a whopping fifty tracks across the entire series (spinoffs included!). Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first – thisContinue reading “Ace Attorney – Top 50 Tracks”

Ace Attorney vs Danganronpa

By far the two games series I’ve talked about most on my blog are Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. I’ve loved them both pretty much equally ever since I played them, and all of the games in each series holds a special place in my heart for one reason or another. I recently did a DanganronpaContinue reading “Ace Attorney vs Danganronpa”

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Major Character Ranked

“The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” was so fun to play from start to finish, and a lot of that was down to the charming cast of major characters – they each brought a bubbly and unique personality to the mix, and they made investigations and trials infinitely more entertaining. So, I’m going to rank allContinue reading “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Major Character Ranked”