All 50 $1 Billion Grossing Films Ranked

When I looked up how many movies had grossed over a billion dollars (as of May 2023), I was stunned to find there had been fifty. Five-zero. That’s completely unbelievable! I was also shocked to find how wildly the quality of the films varied. What better way to vent my frustration than with a definitiveContinue reading “All 50 $1 Billion Grossing Films Ranked”

The Best & Worst Thing About Every MCU Film (Infinity Saga)

The MCU is one of my favourite film franchises ever, and I can think of at least a dozen movie-going experiences that will stick with me forever. Since I’m such a fan, however, I’m bound to have a spicy opinion or two. What better way to anger everyone than to list my favourite and leastContinue reading “The Best & Worst Thing About Every MCU Film (Infinity Saga)”

MCU Films Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the biggest franchise on Earth for the last decade, and rivals some of the greats for the title of “best film franchise of all time”. They continuously release great film after great film (with a few exceptions), and for as long as quality is this high I’ll be aContinue reading “MCU Films Ranked”