All 50 $1 Billion Grossing Films Ranked

When I looked up how many movies had grossed over a billion dollars (as of May 2023), I was stunned to find there had been fifty. Five-zero. That’s completely unbelievable! I was also shocked to find how wildly the quality of the films varied. What better way to vent my frustration than with a definitiveContinue reading “All 50 $1 Billion Grossing Films Ranked”

James Bond Films – Overrated / Underrated

One of the first film franchises I fell in love with was Bond, James Bond – he just seemed like the coolest guy in the world, and all of his movies provided at the very least some form of entertainment. I’ll be looking at each official film (so not “Casino Royale [1967]” or “Never SayContinue reading “James Bond Films – Overrated / Underrated”

Every James Bond Theme Song Ranked

There’s always a lot of buzz whenever a new James Bond film comes out – “Will there be a new Bond? Is the villain any good? Where’s the trailer, I want to see Bond kick some ass!” I think, above all else, the Bond theme is what gets the most attention in the months beforeContinue reading “Every James Bond Theme Song Ranked”

James Bond – Every 007 Actor Ranked

James Bond is the longest running film franchise we have, and while I would have loved to see an 80 year-old Sean Connery strutting his stuff in Skyfall and beyond, I think it only makes sense that the actors have to change as the franchise goes on. Every single transition between actors and eras couldContinue reading “James Bond – Every 007 Actor Ranked”

James Bond – Every Film Ranked

Let’s be honest, every guy who’s seen James Bond has wanted to be him – he just seems like the coolest guy ever, and he’s been in some of the most suave and action-packed films ever. They haven’t all been zingers, though, so how would I rank them all? N.B. If you’re reading this inContinue reading “James Bond – Every Film Ranked”