It’s Always Sunny – Season 10 Episodes Ranked

I consider Season 3 to 9 to be the “Golden Era” of It’s Always Sunny, so unfortunately that means it’s a slight step down in quality from now on. You can tell this season has lost some of the previous season’s magic, and some of the episodes are really average. Luckily for me, however, thisContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny – Season 10 Episodes Ranked”

It’s Always Sunny – Season 8 Episodes Ranked

Even though we’ve had six excellent seasons in a row up until now, I think Season 8 may just be the most consistent season yet (and I imagine it won’t be the last time I say that). It’s a really decent season, and I forgot just how many individually brilliant moments and scenes there were.Continue reading “It’s Always Sunny – Season 8 Episodes Ranked”