It’s Always Sunny – Season 10 Episodes Ranked

I consider Season 3 to 9 to be the “Golden Era” of It’s Always Sunny, so unfortunately that means it’s a slight step down in quality from now on. You can tell this season has lost some of the previous season’s magic, and some of the episodes are really average.

Luckily for me, however, this season was still lots of fun. How would I rank every episode in Season 10?

10 – Mac Kills His Dad

Rating: C

The cold open, where Mac explains how he’ll save his dad right before the “Mac Kills His Dad” title card pops up, is iconic – it may just be the best opening gag in the series. The episode drops off from there.

There just aren’t really any funny moments in the rest of the runtime. Charlie’s Mom giving too much information was slightly amusing, but that was it.

9 – Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult

Rating: C+

One of the least impactful and least funny season finales in the entire series, “Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult” never quite gets as good as it could be.

Some of the gags are decent, and the gang’s depravity is always a joy to behold, but it isn’t an episode I’ll remember after a week has passed.

8 – The Gang Spies Like U.S.

Rating: B-

I remembered this episode being a lot funnier than it actually was.

The spying on each other in “The Gang Spies Like U.S.” is fine, but nothing special. The dinner conversation where Charlie mistakes what a cream pie is was hilarious on first viewing, but once the shock factor subsides on a re-watch it’s fairly tame.

7 – The Gang Beats Boggs

Rating: B

This is easily the ranking I’ll get the most hate for, but “The Gang Beats Boggs” really disappointed me on my re-watch. I remember it being one of the best of the season, but it barely had any funny moments in.

The only truly hilarious moment for me was when Dennis does a Sherlock-esque analysis of a woman he’s pining over, and otherwise the general beer / burping humour is passable.

6 – Frank Retires

Rating: B

I forgot how good this episode was – “Frank Retires” has one of the most ridiculous escalations in all of Sunny, yet somehow it works in a hilarious way.

The gang sapping Frank of all his blood was unbelievably funny, and the ending with Frankito was a great way to cap it all off.

5 – Psycho Pete Returns

Rating: B

“Psycho Pete Returns” contains one of my favourite Dennis scenes ever, and the parts with Frank remembering his past are also great.

Strangely enough, the actual Psycho Pete stuff is a bit forgettable in hindsight – once you find out that he’s just a chill dude, my interest in the episode drops off massively.

4 – The Gang Goes on Family Fight

Rating: B

A really solid episode with some great gags, “The Gang Goes on Family Fight” feels more like a mainstream episode than a classic Sunny adventure (which is both a good and a bad thing).

That being said, it’s not the best episode – Keegan is underused, and the gags are never quite as uproarious as they think. The fact that it’s an average episode and still nearly made my top 3 goes to show how weak this season was as a whole.

3 – The Gang Group Dates

Rating: A-

There are three episodes in Season 10 that are clearly better than the others, and “The Gang Group Dates” has some of the best awkward humour in the entire series.

I find the “guy flirts really badly” trope to be one of my favourites, and since this episode is full of it I had a blast. “I’M A FIVE STAR MAN!

2 – The Gang Misses the Boat

Rating: A

The most meta episode of the season, and I was pleasantly surprised by just how solid “The Gang Misses the Boat” was on my re-watch.

Every sub-plot works perfectly, from Frank’s solo mission to Dee and Charlie’s day together, and the episode contains one of my all-time favourite Sunny scenes when Dennis freaks out over the “starter car”. One of the best episodes of the entire series.

1 – Charlie Work

Rating: A+

Just as mind-blowing on my re-watch as it was on the initial viewing, “Charlie Work” isn’t just a hilarious episode – it’s an artistic achievement in television film-making.

The one-shot take in the second half is masterfully done, and they managed to cram so many visual gags and call-backs into ten minutes that I’m stunned by the ingenuity of the writing. Even on a re-watch I managed to pick up on a dozen more little jokes – it’s clearly the best episode of the season, and arguably up there in the top 5 for the series.

Season Rating: B

Not a bad season of television at all, but easily my least favourite in quite some time. As I said, I think the golden era is unfortunately behind us.

Let’s see the stats for the season:

  • 3A (30%)
  • 5B (50%)
  • 2C (20%)

Again, not bad at all. Now let’s see the stats for the series so far:

  • 30A (27%)
  • 57B (52%)
  • 20C (18%)
  • 2D (2%)
  • 1E (1%)

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