Friends – Season 9 Episodes Ranked

Oh boy … We’ve finally reached what is widely considered to be the worst season of Friends. But is it actually an underrated season of this brilliant show? No, it isn’t. In fact, it may even be worse than I remember. Let’s get to some ranking! Before we begin with this sorry state of affairs,Continue reading “Friends – Season 9 Episodes Ranked”

Friends – Season 8 Episodes Ranked

Season 8 of Friends is a bit of a strange one – I remember it being the last great season of the show, but in actual fact it’s a little sub-par compared to the other fantastic seasons. I still had a fun time with it nonetheless – how would I rank every episode? You canContinue reading “Friends – Season 8 Episodes Ranked”

Friends – Season 7 Episodes Ranked

I was expecting Friends to enter a steady decline after Season 6, so I was pleasantly surprised when Season 7 was solid across the board and a general improvement from the previous set of episodes. I’m tempted to say this is one of the most consistent seasons – how would I rank every episode? YouContinue reading “Friends – Season 7 Episodes Ranked”

Friends – Season 6 Episodes Ranked

The golden age of Friends is sadly behind us, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the seasons don’t have some great moments within them. Let’s rank the episodes from Season 6! Before we begin, you can check out some of my related blog posts below: 23 – The One with Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. Rating:Continue reading “Friends – Season 6 Episodes Ranked”

Friends – Season 1 Episodes Ranked

I’ve recently started re-watching Friends for the third time (yeah … it’s been a slow few months), so now seems as good a time as any to do some rankings! As per my usual style, I’ll rank all of the episodes in each season whilst giving them a grade from A+ to F. Since thereContinue reading “Friends – Season 1 Episodes Ranked”

20 Best (& Worst) Friends Episodes

Friends is the ultimate comfort show, with timeless comedy and characters that future generations are destined to fall in love with. At the very least every episode is a bit of good fun, but I certainly have my favourites (and least favourites…). I tried to get a nice spread of episodes across all ten seasons,Continue reading “20 Best (& Worst) Friends Episodes”