Doctor Who Seasons – Overrated & Underrated

Having been a Doctor Who fan for most of my waking life, I’m bound to have formed a spicy opinion or two! I’ll be judging each of the show’s seasons, deciding whether they are overrated, underrated or properly rated by the general public and fandom. Let the feather-ruffling commence! Before we begin, you can checkContinue reading “Doctor Who Seasons – Overrated & Underrated”

Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Seasons Ranked (With El Camino)

Best TV universe of all time? Vince Gilligan and his writing team have crafted not one, not two, not three, but two fantastic TV series that rank amongst the finest pieces of entertainment this century. Add onto that El Camino and you get a hattrick of successes. Now that Better Call Saul has come toContinue reading “Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Seasons Ranked (With El Camino)”

Breaking Bad – All 62 Episodes Ranked

Call me crazy, but I think Breaking Bad is a decent show. Okay, all jokes aside, Breaking Bad is probably my pick for greatest show of all time, and even when I re-watch it I find enjoyment from nearly every single episode. The writing and acting in the show are top tier, and each seasonContinue reading “Breaking Bad – All 62 Episodes Ranked”

Hannibal – All 3 Delicious Seasons Ranked

Is it bad how much I love this show? There’s something beautiful about how heinously they portray the iconic cannibal – the cooking montages are delectable, the tension and relationships between characters are palpably sexy, and the acting / story are some of the best I’ve seen on television. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen absolutelyContinue reading “Hannibal – All 3 Delicious Seasons Ranked”

Worst Possible Doctor Who Season

I’ve been through the Best Possible Season of Doctor Who, so I think it’s only fair that Whittaker and Chibnall get some representation as well. Be warned – there are some absolute stinkers ahead. I’ve linked some of my other Doctor Who lists below: Episode 1 – The Woman who Fell to Earth Dishonourable Mention:Continue reading “Worst Possible Doctor Who Season”

“Rick and Morty” – All Four Schwifty Seasons Ranked

I’m not really a cartoon person, but my goodness is Rick and Morty a great Sci-Fi comedy – I’d even go as far as saying it’s one of my favourite television shows of all time. The storylines are as ridiculous as they are clever and entertaining, and there are some great character moments that youContinue reading ““Rick and Morty” – All Four Schwifty Seasons Ranked”

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Seasons Ranked

Probably my favourite sitcom of all time, Sunny has everything I want from a comedy show – great jokes, outrageous situations, and a group of core characters that make me want to tune in each week. The show is still going strong after 14 seasons, but how would I rank them all? Here are someContinue reading ““It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Seasons Ranked”

Doctor Who: Season 1 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

Doctor Who is easily one of my favourite TV shows ever, so I thought I’d start a new series ranking and reviewing each episode, one series at a time. I’ll do things a bit differently for these lists – instead of my usual tiers (“amazing”, “good” etc.) I’ll give each story a graded score (fromContinue reading “Doctor Who: Season 1 Stories Ranked and Reviewed”

Doctor Who Seasons Ranked

At it’s peak, Doctor Who was one of the prime Sci-Fi shows on television, and I’m sure it has a strong claim at being the best Sci-Fi show of all time. The genius of the show is the ability to reinvent itself and evolve from season to season, but sometimes you can’t get it completelyContinue reading “Doctor Who Seasons Ranked”

FRIENDS Seasons Ranked

Friends is one of those TV shows that will live forever. Of all the possible people in the world, the show managed to cast the 6 perfect actors for the parts. Whether this was a genius move from the creators or sheer luck doesn’t matter – the enduring quality of the show will forever putContinue reading “FRIENDS Seasons Ranked”