James Bond Films – Overrated / Underrated

One of the first film franchises I fell in love with was Bond, James Bond – he just seemed like the coolest guy in the world, and all of his movies provided at the very least some form of entertainment. I’ll be looking at each official film (so not “Casino Royale [1967]” or “Never SayContinue reading “James Bond Films – Overrated / Underrated”

Doctor Who Seasons – Overrated & Underrated

Having been a Doctor Who fan for most of my waking life, I’m bound to have formed a spicy opinion or two! I’ll be judging each of the show’s seasons, deciding whether they are overrated, underrated or properly rated by the general public and fandom. Let the feather-ruffling commence! Before we begin, you can checkContinue reading “Doctor Who Seasons – Overrated & Underrated”

Beatles Albums – Overrated / Underrated

I thought I’d try a new format on my blog – looking through every entry of a certain topic, deciding whether it’s overrated or underrated (or properly rated) by the general public and the fandom. Who better to start with than the mighty Beatles – I’ve listened to their entire discography countless times, so I’mContinue reading “Beatles Albums – Overrated / Underrated”

Top 10 Underrated (& Overrated) Episodes of It’s Always Sunny

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is my favourite comedy show of all time, so I’m bound to have a spicy opinion or two! I’ll talk about some of the most underrated and overrated episodes of the show … so try not to get too offended! Also, it’s worth noting that if I say an episodeContinue reading “Top 10 Underrated (& Overrated) Episodes of It’s Always Sunny”

Top 10 Underrated (& Overrated) Doctor Who Episodes

It’s time to ruffle some Whovian feathers! I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for as long as I can remember, and I’ve watched the show enough times to form some spicy opinions of my own – some episodes are overrated by the fandom, whilst others need way more love. To make things fair, I’ll tryContinue reading “Top 10 Underrated (& Overrated) Doctor Who Episodes”

Shadow Of War – The Most Underrated Game Of Its Generation?

When Shadow of Mordor came out in 2014, it blew everyone’s minds – myself included. Everyone eagerly anticipated the sequel, but when it finally released it seemed to be dead on arrival. Heck, even I hated it the first time I played it. A few years later I played it again, and quickly realised justContinue reading “Shadow Of War – The Most Underrated Game Of Its Generation?”

Top 20 Underrated Muse Songs

Muse are one of my favourite bands ever, and while I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re underrated I do think they’re quite underappreciated nowadays – almost every album of theirs is a rock banger, and if not it’s probably an experimental electronic banger instead. I recently did a list like this for DavidContinue reading “Top 20 Underrated Muse Songs”

50 Underrated David Bowie Songs

I thought I’d just have a bit of fun with this one – I’ve made far too many lists about David Bowie, and I promise I’ll run out soon! In my various lists I’ve mentioned a few songs that I thought were underrated, so my original plan was to pick out 10 or 20 tracksContinue reading “50 Underrated David Bowie Songs”

“Earthling” Songs Ranked

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of the people who listened to this album hated it. It’s effectively just a drum and bass album, and I could see it getting on a lot of people’s nerves. Luckily for me, I actually quite like the electronic / drum and bass style that BowieContinue reading ““Earthling” Songs Ranked”

Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked

I was looking back through my blog posts when I realised something – I haven’t talked about one of my favourite bands yet! Jamiroquai are so damn good, I love how funky and bass-orientated they are. How would I rank their fine selection of albums? You an check out some of my other music listsContinue reading “Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked”