“The Soul Box” – A Short Story

This isn’t the kind of post I usually make on my blog, but I thought it best to promote my new project as much as possible – I wrote a short story! It’s a story about grief and loss, with a few sci-fi elements thrown in to keep things fresh. You can buy it onContinue reading ““The Soul Box” – A Short Story”

“Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” – Songs Ranked

Ridiculous title aside, Arctic Monkey’s first album is pretty perfect as far as debuts go. It was a huge success in the UK, and the band couldn’t have asked for a stronger start to their careers. Not only was the album a commercial success, but the individual songs on it are fantastic too. How wouldContinue reading ““Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” – Songs Ranked”

“Gorillaz” (2001 Debut Album) – Songs Ranked

As debut albums go, Gorillaz really knocked it out of the park on their first attempt. It’s not my favourite album of theirs, but they set the groundwork for what was to come. A fair few of these songs are well-known, but some are criminally underrated. How would I rank them all? You can checkContinue reading ““Gorillaz” (2001 Debut Album) – Songs Ranked”

“David Bowie (A.K.A Space Oddity)” Songs Ranked

This is a much better album from Bowie, and on a good day I might even put it in my top 10 records of his. It’s definitely top half though, mainly for how Bowie uses experimentation and properly sets up his musical identity, so this is without a doubt the better, official debut album. HowContinue reading ““David Bowie (A.K.A Space Oddity)” Songs Ranked”

“David Bowie (1967 Debut Album)” Songs Ranked

Originally I was only going to analyse a few of Bowie’s albums, but after doing my Muse series I realised that I could give the Thin White Duke’s discography the same treatment. First up is his 1967 debut album and, well … it’s a pretty bad album. David himself considers his 1969 album “Space Oddity”Continue reading ““David Bowie (1967 Debut Album)” Songs Ranked”

“Showbiz” Songs Ranked

I at least like every Muse album, so I thought I might as well do every one of their albums in my album songs ranked series. Showbiz is probably either my least favourite or second from bottom, but since it’s chronologically first I might as well start with it. How would I rank the songsContinue reading ““Showbiz” Songs Ranked”