Breaking Bad Season 5B Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

The best. Ever. That’s all I need to say. How do you rank eight of the best TV episodes ever? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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8 – Buried

Rating: A-

The worst of this season is still a damn fine episode, and a fantastic addition to the Breaking Bad Universe.

7 – Blood Money

Rating: A-

After the mid-season finale, I couldn’t wait to see what happened. One of the most impressive aspects of Breaking Bad is that it never disappoints, and on occasions like this it goes above and beyond – the Hank / Walt scene at the end is so good, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would all resolve.

6 – Rabid Dog

Rating: A

This probably would have been the weakest episode of the season, but when Jesse finds out the truth things ramp up to eleven.

Jesse going AWOL and preparing to destroy the White household is chilling to see, and Hank’s intervention had me at a loss for words. This was truly the beginning of the end.

5 – Granite State

Rating: A

A sort of cool-down episode after the flawless “Ozymandias”, and a nice teaser for the series finale. Lots of emotional moments in this, like Jesse / Andrea and even Walt / his family to a certain extent.

4 – Confessions

Rating: A

If season 4 had the cat and mouse game between Walt and Gus, the second half of season 5 was when Walt and Hank went toe to toe.

I remember being absolutely dumbfounded by the confession tape, and the meeting at the restaurant preceding that was so intense to watch.

3 – To’Hajilee

Rating: A+

The single greatest episode cliffhanger in the show’s run, and possibly of all time.

When Walt finally loses, he loses HARD. Just when all seems lost, one of the most surprising moments in television is sprung, and nothing was ever the same after that.

2 – Felina

Rating: A+

A perfect send-off to the best show ever, I only wish it never had to end.

Adding Elliot and Gretchen back into the mix was an inspired choice, and the final scenes of both Jesse and Walt were some of the most emotional viewing experiences I’ve had. I can’t think of a better way they could have ended this, they really sent it off in the best way possible (and showed other programs how to end the series properly).

1 – Ozymandias

Rating: A+

For what it’s worth, I think this is the best television episode of all time.

This feels like the true ending to the series, and it’s definitely the end of the mighty Heisenberg. His whole empire comes crashing down over 45 minutes, and every single actor gives their best performance of their career. If the show had ended here, it would have been extremely dark but extremely fitting.

Season Rating: A+

Stats are a bit boring for this one, 100% A grades awarded (I bet Vince Gilligan and the gang are all smug knowing they made the perfect season of television).

Let’s see the stats for the entire show:

  • 33 A (53%)
  • 19 B (31%)
  • 9 C ( 15%)
  • 1 D (2%)
  • Bonus: 11 A+ (18%)
  • 62 Episodes

Unbelievable record, and much better than Doctor Who’s stats. I expected these kind of grades from the best show ever, and having 84% good episodes in a series will probably never be beaten, let alone over half of them being amazing.

Aaaaand that’s it for Breaking Bad. I’m planning on doing similar ranking lists for both It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Rick and Morty, but you’ll have to wait and see which one I do next. Until then, check out some of my other posts:

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