“Hullabaloo Soundtrack” Songs Ranked

I know in my list of Muse albums ranked I put this above Showbiz, but I’ve listened to it since and it’s definitely my least favourite album of theirs. It’s not really an official album though, so I’ll let them off. How would I rank the songs?

I made a few other Muse lists below:


10 – Forced In

A terrible way to start the album. I can see what they’re trying to do, but “Forced In” just sounds like a mess of sounds, and it does little to convince anyone to keep listening.


9 – Shine (Acoustic)

A sort of nothing track that doesn’t add to the album whatsoever.

8 – The Gallery

It’s a bit strange that I like this track more than the previous two, but I kinda dig the strange sounds on this. It’s still not the best, but I’m OK with this as a filler / instrumental track.


7 – Nature_1

I love the acoustic guitar work on this, but other than that there aren’t too many memorable aspects to this.

6 – Shrinking Universe

I’d consider this to be an absolute bear minimum Muse song, and I’m glad it didn’t make it onto an official album. It’s not bad, but I know they can do better.


5 – Ashamed

Not really a proper track on it’s own, but it’s one of the tracks that the band sometimes play as a sort of extended outro to some songs, and so I kind of have a soft spot for it.

4 – Yes Please

Almost identical to Ashamed in terms of being an outro track, but this one has a bit more going for it.

3 – Map of Your Head

A lovely little song, but I can’t really give it more credit than that.


2 – Recess

This is a weird song – I like it quite a bit, and I would have been completely OK if it was a main album track. Very underrated on the whole, but not the most underrated on the album …


1 – Hyper Chondriac Music

This is a very hit-or-miss song in the Muse fandom, but I absolutely adore this and consider it to be one of their most underrated tracks.

An alternate version to “Hyper Music” that packs more of an emotional punch, there are days when I actually prefer this version to the original. An amazing track that I’d highly recommend.

Aaaaaaand that’s my list. We’ll be back on track with the main albums, and next is the fantastic “Absolution”. Until then, check out some of my latest posts:

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