EVERY Better Call Saul Emmy Snub

Better Caul Saul has only recently come to an end, and what a journey it was. Against all odds, it managed to come out of Breaking Bad’s shadow to forge a path of its own. With such critical acclaim, and with Season 6 being arguably the best yet, it must have won a butt-load ofContinue reading “EVERY Better Call Saul Emmy Snub”

Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Seasons Ranked (With El Camino)

Best TV universe of all time? Vince Gilligan and his writing team have crafted not one, not two, not three, but two fantastic TV series that rank amongst the finest pieces of entertainment this century. Add onto that El Camino and you get a hattrick of successes. Now that Better Call Saul has come toContinue reading “Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Seasons Ranked (With El Camino)”

Every Jesse Pinkman “Bitch!” Ranked

Breaking Bad is one of the shows of all time, and Jesse Pinkman is a character in the aforementioned show. One of my favourite utterances out of his mouth is the word “Bitch!”, a hilarious insight into the misogyny of 2000’s America and a catchphrase still used today by kids the world over. I thoughtContinue reading “Every Jesse Pinkman “Bitch!” Ranked”

Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul – Main Characters Ranked

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are easily two of the greatest TV shows of all time, and they would have never worked if the cast of characters weren’t so phenomenal too. There isn’t a weak link in either show, as even the side characters were captivating – but that’s not what I’m focussing onContinue reading “Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul – Main Characters Ranked”

Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episodes Ranked

The finale of Better Call Saul has finally aired, and I can safely say this was one of my favourite seasons of television ever – even rivalling Breaking Bad at its peak. The character arcs come to their natural conclusions, and the show has never been as action-packed and intense as this. How would IContinue reading “Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episodes Ranked”

Breaking Bad – All 62 Episodes Ranked

Call me crazy, but I think Breaking Bad is a decent show. Okay, all jokes aside, Breaking Bad is probably my pick for greatest show of all time, and even when I re-watch it I find enjoyment from nearly every single episode. The writing and acting in the show are top tier, and each seasonContinue reading “Breaking Bad – All 62 Episodes Ranked”

Breaking Bad Season 5B Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

The best. Ever. That’s all I need to say. How do you rank eight of the best TV episodes ever? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. You can also check out some of my other Breaking Bad lists below: 8 – Buried Rating: A- The worst of this season is still a damnContinue reading “Breaking Bad Season 5B Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

Breaking Bad Season 5A Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

Oh boy, now we’ve hit the big time. Season 5 of Breaking Bad is just so unbelievably perfect, there’s no other way to describe it. Even the filler episodes are pretty darn good, but when it hits the highs the show produces some of the best television episodes ever. Season 5 aired in two halves,Continue reading “Breaking Bad Season 5A Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

Breaking Bad Season 4 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

This is easily one of the best seasons of television ever, and it’s not even the best season of Breaking Bad. There are just so many phenomenal episodes in this season, but how would I rank them all? Check out some of my other Breaking Bad lists: 13 – Open House Rating: C+ Once again,Continue reading “Breaking Bad Season 4 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

We continue our look at Breaking Bad with the amazing season 3. The show hadn’t quite hit peak form yet, but that’s not to say there aren’t some all-time great episodes in this – in fact, this is the first season where I’ll be awarding some A+ grades. How would I rank the episodes? YouContinue reading “Breaking Bad Season 3 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”