“Currents” Songs Ranked

Not one of my favourite Tame Impala albums (there are quite a few average songs here), but there are just too many phenomenal tracks for this to be anywhere near a weak album. How would I rank the songs?

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13 – Past Life

An OK song ruined by that weird talking / rapping part.

12 – Love / Paranoia

Sometimes you can just tell that, by the end of the album, the artist has run out of song ideas, and “Love / Paranoia” feels like a rehash of all the musical ideas that have come before on the record.

11 – Gossip

A decent little interlude track, but it’s not the best interlude track I’ve heard.


10 – Nangs

This almost feels like an interlude track as well, and although it’s a pretty decent interlude it’s strange putting this as the second track on the album.

9 – Reality In Motion

Probably one of the most standard, bare-bones Tame Impala tracks we’ve ever had.


8 – Yes I’m Changing

A nice track with some great lyrics, it’s never been a personal favourite but it’s still a good song.

7 – Disciples

On some days this is a great track, but the high-pitched vocals can get a bit annoying from time to time. I love the guitar part in this.


6 – Eventually

I was surprised to find this is one of Tame Impala’s most popular tracks on Spotify – it’s definitely a great addition to the album, but I’m not sure if it deserves 100 million plays when there are other fantastic underrated songs from them.

5 – The Moment

One of the early tracks on the album, and it does a great job setting the tone a bit better for the record (“Let It Happen” is obviously amazing, but this is the first track that resembles what the album will actually sound like).

4 – ‘Cause I’m A Man

This has always been a sort of guilty pleasure song for me – I’m not sure if it’s musically better than some of the others on the album, but I love the bass tone and chorus to bits.


3 – New Person, Same Old Mistakes

This amazing album closer sort of comes out of nowhere – other than “Cause I’m A Man”, the second half of the record is quite weak until this incredible song plays.

Lyrically, this is some of Kevin’s best work, and the groove of the song is exceptional.

All-Time Great

2 – The Less I Know The Better

This was always going to rank highly, but I’m sure a lot of you will be surprised to only see it in second place.

There’s no denying that “The Less I Know The Better” will have a special place in music history – it’s the band’s most popular song for a reason. That bassline is probably why people rate this song so highly.

1 – Let It Happen

While “The Less I Know The Better” is undeniably a sensational song, “Let It Happen” is Tame Impala’s masterpiece.

At almost 8 minutes long, this seems like a strange choice to open the album, but my goodness does this track take you on a journey. I especially love the string arrangement in the bridge, and when the dirty bass part kicks in near the end you know you’re listening to Kevin’s best ever song.

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