“The Slow Rush” Songs Ranked

Is it wrong that I love this album so much, it’s probably my favourite Tame Impala album?

There’s a good chance I’m being too over-excited, as this is the first Tame Impala album in ages. So many great songs, but how would I rank them all?

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12 – Glimmer

I don’t mind this interlude at all, but since it’s only a simple interlude it sort of has to come last by default.

11 – On Track

This will definitely be my most controversial pick of the bunch, as I know a lot of Tame Impala fans love this one.

I’ve always found this track to be a bit bland and boring, and every time I listen to it it takes every fibre of my being not to skip it.


10 – One More Hour

A fairly nice track, albeit a bit long-winded. The annoying thing about this is that I was expecting a grand finale, and although this did try to inject some energy and grandeur, it doesn’t really stand out as a great final track.


9 – Instant Destiny

A good track that I like listening to, but this is bear-minimum Tame Impala as far as I’m concerned.

8 – Borderline

Blasphemy they cry!

I do really like this track, and I’m not surprised it’s popular – it already has 100 million Spotify plays for goodness sake, I just think the other tracks are better.

7 – Tomorrow’s Dust

A lovely laid-back song that beautifully contrasts some of the crazy synthetic sounds of the rest of the album.


6 – Posthumous Forgiveness

A song that gets better with every listen, and when you find out the true meaning of the song with Kevin and his father, it almost makes this a better track.

5 – It Might Be Time

This is the sort of bold and brazen pop that I usually can’t bear to listen to, but somehow it just works on the album.


4 – Lost In Yesterday

Straight away, the kick-ass bassline is what makes this song so amazing. That bass alone is enough to put it in the top 4.

3 – Breathe Deeper

Similarly to “Posthumous Forgiveness”, this is a track that gets better with every listen, and to be honest if I keep listening to it I might even consider it to be the best on “The Slow Rush” at some point in the near future.

2 – One More Year

The opening track of the album is instantly memorable and iconic, and it feels like chilling out in the summer sun but in the form of a cracking tune.

1 – Is It True

Ever since I first heard this record, I knew “Is It True” was the best of the bunch. It just has a groove that really gets me going, and the nonchalant choruses perfectly capture the tone of the entire album.

Aaand that’s my list. No “All-Time Greats” on this one, but I’m sure in time my opinion will change on that. Until then, check out some of my latest blog posts:

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