“The Slow Rush” Songs Ranked

Is it wrong that I love this album so much, it’s probably my favourite Tame Impala album? There’s a good chance I’m being too over-excited, as this is the first Tame Impala album in ages. So many great songs, but how would I rank them all? You can check out some of my other listsContinue reading ““The Slow Rush” Songs Ranked”

“Currents” Songs Ranked

Not one of my favourite Tame Impala albums (there are quite a few average songs here), but there are just too many phenomenal tracks for this to be anywhere near a weak album. How would I rank the songs? You can check out some of my other posts below: Meh 13 – Past Life AnContinue reading ““Currents” Songs Ranked”

“Lonerism” Songs Ranked

Tame Impala (and more specifically Kevin Parker) is one of my favourite music artists around today, and although “Innerspeak” was his debut, “Lonerism” is when Kevin really hit the big time. Lots of great tracks on this, but how would I rank them? You can check out some of my other album rankings below: BadContinue reading ““Lonerism” Songs Ranked”