Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked

I was looking back through my blog posts when I realised something – I haven’t talked about one of my favourite bands yet! Jamiroquai are so damn good, I love how funky and bass-orientated they are. How would I rank their fine selection of albums? You an check out some of my other music listsContinue reading “Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked”

Best Muse Albums for Bass

I’ve talked a lot about Muse and how awesome they are, but I think it’s time I talk about one man in particular – Chris Wolstenholme. His basslines on Muse records are always stellar, and some of them rank among the best basslines of all time. He’s a real inspiration to me, and a bigContinue reading “Best Muse Albums for Bass”

“Demon Days” Songs Ranked

This was the album that really put the Gorillaz on the map, and although I don’t consider it to be their best work, it’s still one of my favourite albums of all time. There are probably more amazing songs on this than any other album of theirs, but how would I rank the tracks? YouContinue reading ““Demon Days” Songs Ranked”

“The Slow Rush” Songs Ranked

Is it wrong that I love this album so much, it’s probably my favourite Tame Impala album? There’s a good chance I’m being too over-excited, as this is the first Tame Impala album in ages. So many great songs, but how would I rank them all? You can check out some of my other listsContinue reading ““The Slow Rush” Songs Ranked”