Rick and Morty – Season 3 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

We’re gonna just keep truckin’ along with the Rick and Morty rankings, and season 3 is another fantastic season . A couple of instant classics here, but how would I rank all the episodes?

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10 – The Rickchurian Mortydate

Rating: C+

Was it just me that felt the season 3 finale was really underwhelming?

It would be alright if the finale was like a B or B+ solid episode, but it’s strange to me how this is arguably the weakest episode in the season, and if it wasn’t so important to the plot it would be one of the weakest episodes in the entire show.

9 – Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender

Rating: B-

Apparently this is Dan Harmon’s (the co-creator) least favourite episode of the show, and while I don’t agree with that at all I do admit this is one of the weakest episodes of the season.

The superhero shenanigans are good fun, but they’re not stand-out.

8 – The ABC’s of Beth

Rating: B-

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was most people’s least favourite of the season, as it seemingly has no impact on the overarching story (until season 4).

I really like the character development that Beth and Rick get, and the smaller, heartfelt moments are what make this episode stand out a bit more to the others.

7 – Rickmancing the Stone

Rating: B

I really liked the Mad Max movie, and it was great to see Rick and Morty do a spoof. Not a standout episode, but definitely lots to like.

6 – The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Rating: B

The Jerry / Rick mutual hatred is one of the funniest aspects of the show, so it was great to get an episode where that dynamic takes centre stage. Add to that an interesting main plot and you get a very solid episode.

5 – Rest and Ricklaxation

Rating: B+

An excellent episode that a lot of fans rate very highly, but I don’t think I could put it in the “A” tier.

4 – Morty’s Mind Blowers

Rating: A-

I can imagine a lot of people weren’t happy when there wasn’t an Interdimensional Cable episode this season – but was I the only one who thought this format was better?

I really like how this episode acts as an anthology episode, and we get to see some of the cool little adventures that were too short to be their own episode but are still equally hilarious.

3 – The Rickshank Rickdemption

Rating: A-

After “The Wedding Squanchers”, I was dying to know what would happen to Rick and the rest of the Smith family. This episode started season 3 with a bang, and it’s probably the strongest season opener the show has ever done.

2 – Pickle Rick

Rating: A

Quite possibly the stupidest television episode I’ve seen in my life, but boy is it an entertaining ride. I love how Morty just doesn’t give a damn about Rick’s antics, so both groups go their own way and have to fend for themselves. Add to that a Danny Trejo cameo and you get one of the best episodes in the show’s run.

1 – The Ricklantis Mixup

Rating: A

When this episode starts off it feels like little more than a filler, but my goodness is this the best written story of the bunch. The sometimes subtle, other times scathing analogy of society is fascinating to watch, and I might even consider this to be the best episode in the show’s entire run.

Season Rating: A-

Let’s see the stats:

  • 4 A (40%)
  • 5 B (50%)
  • 1 C (10%)

Very good season (all of them are pretty amazing). Next is the final, most recent season of the show, but until then you can check out some of my latest blog posts:

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