“Demon Days” Songs Ranked

This was the album that really put the Gorillaz on the map, and although I don’t consider it to be their best work, it’s still one of my favourite albums of all time. There are probably more amazing songs on this than any other album of theirs, but how would I rank the tracks?

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15 – Intro

I don’t need to explain my reasoning, let’s just move on.

14 – Don’t Get Lost in Heaven

The second half of Demon Days is noticeably weak compared to the first half, and the worst offender is definitely “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” – a gospel track that is done so much better on the titular “Demon Days”, and should just have been left out entirely.

13 – Fire Coming out of the Monkey’s Head

Another filler track, but I kinda dig how weird and zany the premise of this song is. There’s a groovy backdrop to a narration of a fascinating story, but I have to admit it’s definitely one of the weaker tracks.

12 – Demon Days

A much better gospel track then “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven”, and is a fitting way to end the album. By this point I’ve really had enough of this Demon Days, so I can never get too into this song.

11 – All Alone

This is the beginning of the end for Demon Days, as once you’ve hit this all the best tracks are behind you. I’ve never really had a strong opinion on this one, it’s just a plain, passable filler.


10 – White Light

This track almost feels out of place on Demon Days, but on a good day I can really get behind it. It has some raw sounds that reminds me of their debut album, and I do love me a heavy, raw song.

9 – November Has Come

Apparently Gorillaz fans consider this to be an underrated classic and one of the best in the band’s catalogue, but I’ve always considered it to be just good.

8 – Last Living Souls

A nice way to start the album (after the short intro track), but nowhere near the best on the record.


7 – DARE

It feels weird putting an undisputed classic this low in my rankings, but I’ve never considered “DARE” to be a personal favourite. If anything I find the guy’s voice to be quite annoying, especially when played live. On a good day I can really get into this one though.

6 – O Green World

This is quite an underrated track, and I always picture this as a FIFA song (you have to admit it would have worked well on something like the FIFA 11 soundtrack).


5 – Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

Now THIS is an underrated gem, and one of the most underrated songs ever (definitely the Gorillaz’s most underrated). The lyrics are some of Damon’s best, and the outro where all the instruments jam it out sounds like heaven.

4 – El Manana

Did you know “El Manana” means “tomorrow” in Spanish? I didn’t know that, but when I found out, this song started to make a whole lot of sense. Other than “Every Planet We Reach Is Dead”, this might be Damon’s best lyrics, as you can really feel his sense of longing and the emotion in his voice.

3 – Kids with Guns

The bass hook is what makes this song so great, and that riff carries through most of the track. Being the third track on the album, it’s a crucial one to make sure the right mood is set, and it does it brilliantly.

All-Time Great

2 – Feel Good Inc.

This had to be an all-time great song; if you thought “Kids With Guns” had the most iconic bassline on the album, think again.

This is probably the Gorillaz song that first got me into the band, and there’s a good chance this is their most recognisable track – and that’s well deserved.

1 – Dirty Harry

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely bloody love “Feel Good Inc”, but “Dirty Harry” blew my mind when I first heard it and it continues to blow my mind even to this day.

I was surprised to find out this is a protest song about the Iraq war, you would have no idea with how insanely catchy and upbeat it is. I reckon this is the best song Gorillaz have done and will ever do, and I’ll probably stand by that for the rest of my life.

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