“Tonight” Songs Ranked

I don’t think this album would be particularly high on anybody’s rankings, but I’ve always had a kind of soft spot for it. Those who hated the mainstream appeal of “Let’s Dance” were disappointed even further by “Tonight”, but I can’t help but love some of the groovy tracks on it. How would I rank them all?

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9 – Dancing with the Big Boys

This album would have probably gone much higher in my rankings if they had nailed the finale. Sadly, “Dancing with the Big Boys” is a forgettable closer, and it cemented “Tonight” as a second-rate album.


8 – I Keep Forgettin’

Call me crazy, but I don’t actually mind the rest of the tracks on this album. “I Keep Forgettin'” is a bit forgettable, sure, but I can still get into the groove and have a good time with it.

7 – Neighbourhood Threat

A fairly catchy song, but it doesn’t have quite the punch or staying-power as it should.

6 – God Only Knows

On its own, this track is fine. The fact that it’s noticeably worse than the Beach Boys’ original doesn’t help the cause, and I always wish I was listening to the phenomenal original rather than this by-the-book cover.


5 – Tumble and Twirl

This track fully embraces the slap bass and swing, and what can I say? I’m kind of a slap bass and swing sorta guy.

4 – Don’t Look Down

Same swing and bass goodness as before, but with some added flourishes and a catchier vocal part.

3 – Tonight

It’s fun seeing Bowie collaborate with another artist, even if that artist is Tina Turner. I’m not the hugest fan of her raspy voice, but it works quite nicely in contrast with Bowie’s mellow tones.


2 – Blue Jean

The top two tracks are the real meat and bones of this record, and if I’d made this list a few months ago, “Blue Jean” would have definitely come out on top. It’s probably the most recognisable song on “Tonight”, and with its catchy chorus I’m not surprised it was a hit.


1 – Loving The Alien

I had seen somewhere that Bowie had rated this as one of his favourites, and as I already knew it was a good one I decided to give it some more attention.

After countless listens since, I have fallen in love with this opening track, and can fully understand why the Thin White Duke had rated it so highly. It’s completely different from the other tracks on the album – almost subdued in its approach – but this contrast it what makes this such a memorable and awesome track.

Aaaaand that’s my list. Now we get onto a fairly poor run of albums, so yay I guess? Until then, you can check out some of my latest blog posts below:

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