My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song

As a songwriter, I’m always fascinated by the lyrical landscapes painted by my favourite artists. I believe the greatest lyricist in music history, the man capable of taking the listener on a captivating journey almost every time without fail, to be none other than David Bowie. Since this isn’t like my usual rankings, I’ll justContinue reading “My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Three: 70-1)

We’ve made it to the last part of this Bowie extravaganza – I’ll only be looking at “Amazing” and “All-Time Great” tracks from now. I was surprised by how many top tier songs there were in the end! If you missed it, here are Parts One and Two: And here are a few of myContinue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Three: 70-1)”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Two: 190-71)

We can leave the mediocrity behind us – it’s only “Good” and “Great” songs from here! Same rules apply as before, and if you don’t know what that is you can check out Part One here: And here are a few of my related blog posts: Good 190 – Without You I don’t mind thisContinue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Two: 190-71)”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part One: 280-191)

Because I enjoyed ranking all of the Beatles’ songs so much, I decided to give Bowie’s discography a go – I’ll have to split this up into three parts, there’s just so many songs to choose from! I haven’t selected every song he ever wrote – Some albums, like the Labyrinth soundtrack or Tin Machine,Continue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part One: 280-191)”

Every Beatles, Bowie AND Muse Album Ranked

If you asked me what my three favourite musical artists are, I would most likely say The Beatles, David Bowie and Muse. I love them all for wildly different reasons, and they’ve been the subject of many a list on my blog for the past two years. Since it’s been over two years since IContinue reading “Every Beatles, Bowie AND Muse Album Ranked”

David Bowie Producers Ranked

David Bowie was a true genius, and arguably the greatest artist of our time. As good as he was, though, he didn’t do it all by himself. He had an array of fantastic producers helping him, and they each deserve a special mention in their own right. I thought it would be fun to rankContinue reading “David Bowie Producers Ranked”

“Moonage Daydream” Is Fantastic

Usually I hold my verdict until the end of the review, but since this will just be a quick one I’ll come outright and say it – “Moonage Daydream” blew me away. Brett Morgen managed to make a cinematic experience rather than a documentary, and any expectations I had going in were smashed. It’s suchContinue reading ““Moonage Daydream” Is Fantastic”

The ACTUAL Best Song On Famous Albums

I’m going to attempt something completely different with this list, and this will undoubtedly end up being my most controversial list of them all – I’ll talk about a few of my favourite albums (twelve, in total) and what my pick for favourite song on the album is. That’s simple, you might be thinking, whatContinue reading “The ACTUAL Best Song On Famous Albums”

David Bowie – Closing Tracks Ranked

I knew Bowie’s openers were good, but the sheer quality of his album closers surprised me – while there aren’t as many “All-Time Greats” as in the “Openers” category, the majority of closing tracks are pretty outstanding. Same rules apply as in the “Opening Tracks Ranked” list – I’ll definitely be looking at the qualityContinue reading “David Bowie – Closing Tracks Ranked”

David Bowie – Opening Tracks Ranked

A long time ago I ranked all of The Beatles’s opening songs, mainly just as a fun way of showing how the first song on the album is one of the most important and usually one of the strongest of the record. I wasn’t really planning on giving any other artist the same treatment, butContinue reading “David Bowie – Opening Tracks Ranked”