“Hunky Dory” Songs Ranked

Amazing. What else do I need to say? This is one of Bowie’s best albums, and one of the greatest of all time. How would I rank these incredible songs?

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11 – Eight Line Poem

A nice idea on paper, but it feels like a bit of an afterthought on an already sensational album.

10 – Andy Warhol

Not necessarily a bad song at all, but “Andy Warhol” suffers from relativity – that is, relative to the rest of the songs it’s a bit underwhelming.


9 – Song For Bob Dylan

A nice song, but this is one of the most filler Bowie songs ever.


8 – Quicksand

Please don’t kill me Bowie fans, but I feel like this track is a little bit overrated in the fanbase. I do like it quite a bit, but it’s never been one of my favourites. There’s no denying that Bowie provides an exceptional performance, but the song seems a bit lacking to me.

7 – Fill Your Heart

I’ve always felt “Fill Your Heart” was quite an underrated song. Sure, it’s nowhere near as good as some of the other classics on the album, but I really like the lighthearted tone and woodwind arrangement.


6 – Oh! You Pretty Things

Most people would be proud to have a track like this on their record, but the Thin White Duke had other ideas and made 5 even better tracks.

Apparently this song is about aliens or something? I’ve never delved into the lyrics, but it provided a whole new perspective on multiple listens since.

5 – Queen Bitch

One of Bowie’s most underrated songs ever, and it’s not even the most underrated on the album. I love how playful the chorus is, and you can tell Bowie is giving it his all.

4 – Kooks

“Kooks” has always been a personal favourite, partly down to the uplifting lyrics that were aimed towards Bowie’s young son Duncan.


3 – The Bewlay Brothers

An absolutely phenomenal album closer, and easily one of Bowie’s most under-appreciated tracks of all time. Bowie is one of the all-time best storytellers, and the tale he weaves about the titular brothers provides some of his best lyrics ever.

All-Time Great

2 – Changes

An undisputed all-time classic, and I can’t quite believe it hasn’t nabbed the number 1 spot myself. It almost feels anthemic in its lyrics of rebellion and making a real change, and it’s no wonder this track is a mainstay of radio even to this day.

1 – Life On Mars?

It would be insulting not to put one of the greatest songs of all time at number 1.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – the way Bowie used to expertly craft his lyrics to tell a compelling story has always left me astonished, and there is perhaps no better example of his lyrical brilliance than “Life On Mars?”, an engaging yet melancholy story of the girl with the mousie hair. Easily a top 5 song of his, and on a good day it might even get the bronze medal. An astounding track on an astonishing album.

Aaaand that’s my list. Almost every album from now on is a banger, so I can’t wait to walk about them. Until then, check out some of my latest blog posts below:

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