The ACTUAL Best Song On Famous Albums

I’m going to attempt something completely different with this list, and this will undoubtedly end up being my most controversial list of them all – I’ll talk about a few of my favourite albums (twelve, in total) and what my pick for favourite song on the album is. That’s simple, you might be thinking, whatContinue reading “The ACTUAL Best Song On Famous Albums”

David Bowie – Closing Tracks Ranked

I knew Bowie’s openers were good, but the sheer quality of his album closers surprised me – while there aren’t as many “All-Time Greats” as in the “Openers” category, the majority of closing tracks are pretty outstanding. Same rules apply as in the “Opening Tracks Ranked” list – I’ll definitely be looking at the qualityContinue reading “David Bowie – Closing Tracks Ranked”

David Bowie – Opening Tracks Ranked

A long time ago I ranked all of The Beatles’s opening songs, mainly just as a fun way of showing how the first song on the album is one of the most important and usually one of the strongest of the record. I wasn’t really planning on giving any other artist the same treatment, butContinue reading “David Bowie – Opening Tracks Ranked”

50 Underrated David Bowie Songs

I thought I’d just have a bit of fun with this one – I’ve made far too many lists about David Bowie, and I promise I’ll run out soon! In my various lists I’ve mentioned a few songs that I thought were underrated, so my original plan was to pick out 10 or 20 tracksContinue reading “50 Underrated David Bowie Songs”

David Bowie – Every Album Cover Ranked

I’ve ranked just about every possible Bowie-related thing under the sun, so when I went back through my previous lists I was astounded to find there was a glaring omission – I haven’t done the album covers yet! Can you believe that?!? Well, I’d better crack on with it then before I get labelled asContinue reading “David Bowie – Every Album Cover Ranked”

“american dream” (LCD Soundsystem) – Songs Ranked

I get the impression that a few people were underwhelmed by this album, and how LCD Soundsystem dragged themselves out of retirement for it. To that I say – what the hell?!? This album’s fire! The awesome dance beats, a whole range of diverse tracks … why were people so underwhelmed?!? Maaaaaybe it doesn’t quiteContinue reading ““american dream” (LCD Soundsystem) – Songs Ranked”

What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography

I’ve done a more than a few Bowie lists on by blog, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely bloody love the man. He was a beautiful soul, with creativity and flair oozing out of every artistic endeavour, and hardly a day goes by where I feel saddened by his tragic passing a few yearsContinue reading “What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography”

“Blackstar” – Songs Ranked

When “The Next Day” hit the scene in 2013, everyone was glad that Bowie had made his return – but it had hardly made a dent in the pop culture landscape. Bowie needed to go bigger and better for his last album, and against all odds he produced one of the greatest albums of allContinue reading ““Blackstar” – Songs Ranked”

“The Next Day” – Songs Ranked

After a tragic heart-attack on the “Reality” tour, the world wasn’t really sure if Bowie would ever return. There had been no news for a decade, and as far as anyone knew, Bowie’s days of music-making were long gone. Luckily for them, and the world at large, Bowie made a hugely unexpected return in 2013Continue reading ““The Next Day” – Songs Ranked”

“Reality” Songs Ranked

“Reality” is … fine. I’ve never really been a huge fan of this album, and to be honest my opinion barely changed with a couple of re-listens. There are definitely some great ones on here, don’t get me wrong, but there are just too many bland fillers for my liking. How would I rank thisContinue reading ““Reality” Songs Ranked”