“Let It Be” – Songs Ranked

The final official Beatles album, except “Let It Be” was actually the penultimate album that they recorded. They shelved it after they weren’t satisfied with the final product, and the record label ended up releasing it against their will in 1970 after they had broken up.

I’d always thought fondly of this album, but the Peter Jackson documentary “Get Back” has truly re-ignited my love of this record. How would I rank its songs?

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12 – Dig It

There are a couple of filler / nonsense tracks that they needed to include to get to the 12 track runtime, and “Dig It” is my least favourite.

11 – Maggie Mae

Just like “Dig It”, “Maggie Mae” is a silly filler track just to pad the runtime. It has a certain charm though.


10 – For You Blue

I used to really like “For You Blue”, and thought it was one of Harrison’s best. As time goes on its appeal fades, but it’s still decent.

The blues progression gets a little stale after a while, but the wackiness of the instrumentations and the pure fun of it all makes it worth the listen.

9 – One After 909

A cool rocker of a track, “One After 909” is fairly simple on the whole and yet the powerful vocals keep me invested.

It never gets quite as good as you might hope for a Beatles track, but it’s a fun time.

8 – I’ve Got A Feeling

The intro guitar is pretty great on “I’ve Got a Feeling”, and the main choruses and verses are good enough to keep me engaged.

My favourite part of the track has to be the breakdowns, where McCartney goes into his growly rock voice and the guitars go crazy.


7 – Two Of Us

“Two Of Us” is one of the loveliest and most heart-warming songs in the entire Beatles discography, with one of the best duo vocal performances between Lennon and McCartney.

The “Get Back” documentary shed some light on the so-called tumultuous recording sessions, and proved to me that these lads were still very much friends right up until the end.

6 – I Me Mine

It’s criminal how quickly Lennon and McCartney belittled this classic Harrison track – I’m not surprised he ended up leaving the band for a few days from the pure disrespect he was being served.

“I Me Mine” was all about the conflicting egos within the band, so it was quite ironic in the end that nobody wanted to include it on the album over their own tracks.

5 – Dig A Pony

The most underrated song on the album, “Dig A Pony” is a fantastic Lennon rocker that deserves to be played on radios more.

The band is firing on all cylinders, and the huge choruses are so unbelievably catchy.


4 – The Long And Winding Road

While the strings on “The Long And Winding Road” can bog it down at points (the “Let It Be: Naked” version fixes that problem) there’s no denying how wonderful this track is.

It’s McCartney at his very best, and the vocals, lyrics and instrumentation are all gorgeous. I’ve always seen this as the final, farewell Beatles track.

3 – Get Back

After the documentary of the same name, I’ve garnered a huge respect for “Get Back”.

It’s a fantastic rocker, filled some some of the best guitar and riff work in any Beatles song. The fact that McCartney just made it up on the spot one morning make it even more special in my mind.

All-Time Great

2 – Across The Universe

For a throwaway album that was never going to be released, it’s bonkers to me how “Let It Be” has two of the best songs of all time on it.

“Across The Universe” may just be up there with some of my favourite song lyrics ever, and the Phil Spector strings actually help the track this time around. One of Lennon’s most iconic songs.

1 – Let It Be

“Let It Be” came to McCartney in a dream, when his late mother soothed him that everything was going to be alright. That emotional authenticity comes through with every note played and every syllable sung, and McCartney’s vocals and lyrics are some of my very favourite.

When stripped down to its core, it’s a simple song with standard chords and instrumentation – but it comes together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Truly an all-time great song.

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