“Origin of Symmetry” Songs Ranked

An undeniable rock masterpiece, “Origin of Symmetry” was when Muse really separated themselves from their contempories as a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene. I at least really like every song on this album, and it’s definitely one of my favourites of all time. How would I rank this amazing collection of songs?

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12 – Feeling Good

We’re already off to a controversial start, but “Feeling Good” is easily my least favourite on the album.

That’s not to say it’s a bad song, it’s actually a fantastic cover that was an early hit for the band. But that’s the problem – as a cover song, it doesn’t quite have that Muse feeling that I want from one of their tracks.


11 – Space Dementia

I consider almost all of the songs on the album to be at least great, but “Space Dementia” is the least great if that makes any sense. It has an amazing finale, but it’s a very weird song and an acquired taste.

10 – Screenager

A deeply unsettling song, but still has that Muse greatness. Not really a highlight of the album, but I still really like it.

9 – Micro Cuts

Boasting the most insane Bellamy vocals I’ve ever heard, “Micro Cuts” is a song about a recurring nightmare the lead singer was having. It’s an intensely heavy rock song, and the insane vocals just add to the chaos.

It’s weird putting this only at 9th, as I’d consider this to be one of my favourite Muse songs – but that just shows the quality of this album.

8 – Darkshines

If “Micro Cuts” demonstrates Bellamy’s talent, then “Darkshines” is Wolstenholme’s time to shine (time to darkshine?) on bass.

The bass line alone carries this song, but that’s not to say the rest of the track isn’t brilliant either.

7 – Megalomania

The true ending the the album, and a lot of people would say this is the weakest of the bunch.

I actually really love how bombastic it is, with Bellamy providing some wonderful organ sounds as well as one of the best vocals in Muse’s discography.

6 – Futurism

The bonus track on “Origin of Symmetry” contains one of the gnarliest bass parts I’ve ever heard.

Wolstenholme’s bass playing is the MVP of this track, but the drums are also on point. I still think Megalomania is the better album closer, but if pushed for an answer I’d say this is the better song.

5 – Hyper Music

One of the heaviest songs in Muse’s catalogue, and that’s down to two key factors – Bellamy’s screechy vocals and Wolstenholme’s amazing bass line, the tone of the latter being some of the most prog / metal I’ve ever heard. Try not to scream this at the top of your lungs next time you hear it.


4 – Plug In Baby

The top four songs on this album are all equally amazing, and I had a really hard time ranking them. Let’s say unofficially they all take the top spot, but for the sake of this list “Plug In Baby” misses out on a podium finish.

The guitar riff here is one of the best ever, and if you ever get the chance you should watch this song live at Rome in 2013 – the way Matt runs down the walkway playing this riff is one of the most iconic moments in Muse’s history.

3 – Citizen Erased

One of the band’s most underrated songs, this track has a killer riff that seems to get better with each listen. The live version is amazing as well, something akin to the Hullabaloo live track in Le Zenith.

The extended slow outro can be a bit annoying when you listen to the track on its own, but when part of the album it fits in wonderfully.

2 – New Born

My opinion on these top two songs changes day to day, and tomorrow I’ll probably think “New Born” is the best on the record.

For now, I’ll put it in second place – the opening piano riff is enough to get anyone pumped, Chris’s bass is really cool, and the choruses are amazing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the live version of this is amazing, and you should check out the Wembley 2007 version.

1 – Bliss

I’ve read somewhere that this is Matt’s favourite song he’s ever done (or one of them anyway), and I can see why.

The arpeggios that Muse would become famous for are on full display on this one, and lyrically this is one of Bellamy’s best. It doesn’t hurt that the bass and drums are exceptional too, so for now I’ll say this is my favourite on the album.

Aaaaaand that’s the list. I love this album to bits, and every song is at least really good. Hullabaloo Soundtrack is next, and after that we’ll be back on track with the main albums. You should check out some of my latest posts in the meantime:

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