Best Muse Albums for Bass

I’ve talked a lot about Muse and how awesome they are, but I think it’s time I talk about one man in particular – Chris Wolstenholme. His basslines on Muse records are always stellar, and some of them rank among the best basslines of all time. He’s a real inspiration to me, and a bigContinue reading “Best Muse Albums for Bass”

“Simulation Theory” Songs Ranked

Similarly to “The 2nd Law”, a lot of people love to hate on this album. Similarly to before, I actually quite like this album. I’m not sure if I prefer it over “The 2nd Law”, but it’s at least good. How would I rank the songs? Check out some of my other Muse lists below:Continue reading ““Simulation Theory” Songs Ranked”

“Drones” Songs Ranked

Muse seem to be alternating between experimental and pure rock albums, so after “The 2nd Law” it was only natural that we got this great rock record. Plenty of great songs here, but how would I rank them? I’ve linked a few of my other Muse lists below: Bad 12 – Drones This barely evenContinue reading ““Drones” Songs Ranked”

“The 2nd Law” Songs Ranked

A lot of people loathe this album, but I think that’s a bit harsh – there are way too many good songs on this to be a bad album, but I have to concede it’s not a great effort from the band. I can appreciate the experimenting on some of the songs, but how wouldContinue reading ““The 2nd Law” Songs Ranked”

“Resistance” Songs Ranked

A lot of people say this is a weak album, to which I say – ARE YOU MAD? THIS IS AMAZING! In all seriousness, this is a great album that I’d highly recommend. How would I rank the songs? (For the sake of this list I’ll do the “Exogenesis: Symphony” songs separately, but they shouldContinue reading ““Resistance” Songs Ranked”

“Black Holes And Revelations” Songs Ranked

For me, this is the best Muse album, and one of the best albums of all time for that matter. The individual songs might not be as strong as “Origin of Symmetry” or “Absolution”, but they just seem to work on this album. How would I rank these marvellous songs? You can check out someContinue reading ““Black Holes And Revelations” Songs Ranked”

“Absolution” Songs Ranked

We’re back on track with the main albums, and this was arguably the album that propelled Muse to rock stardom. There are lots of great tracks in here, but how would I rank them? You can check out some other Muse lists below: OK 15 – Intro If I’m going to include every track fromContinue reading ““Absolution” Songs Ranked”

“Hullabaloo Soundtrack” Songs Ranked

I know in my list of Muse albums ranked I put this above Showbiz, but I’ve listened to it since and it’s definitely my least favourite album of theirs. It’s not really an official album though, so I’ll let them off. How would I rank the songs? I made a few other Muse lists below:Continue reading ““Hullabaloo Soundtrack” Songs Ranked”

“Origin of Symmetry” Songs Ranked

An undeniable rock masterpiece, “Origin of Symmetry” was when Muse really separated themselves from their contempories as a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene. I at least really like every song on this album, and it’s definitely one of my favourites of all time. How would I rank this amazing collection ofContinue reading ““Origin of Symmetry” Songs Ranked”