“A Night At The Opera” Songs Ranked

Undeniably Queen’s most famous album, and definitely one of my favourites ever. Most people love this for “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but there are so many other classics riddled throughout this rock masterpiece. How would I rank this fine selection of songs?

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12 – God Save The Queen

I kind of wish the band hadn’t added this track at the end, as it would’ve meant “Bohemian Rhapsody” was the true ending to the album.

11 – Good Company

A sort of interlude song, and as such it doesn’t really do anything musically. The album could have really done without random songs like this.


10 – Seaside Rendezvous

Another random song that feels very quaint and unnecessarily, except this one is more fun than “Good Company”.


9 – ’39

A lovely little Brian May track that fits the tone of the album and provides a fun time, but not one of my absolute favourites.

8- Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

My only criticism of this album is the sheer number of random filler tracks such as this one. This is probably the best of the lot, as it’s just a lot of harmless fun.

7 – I’m In Love With My Car

Roger Taylor’s contribution to the record is extremely silly and I’d understand if people didn’t like it, but it’s always been a guilty pleasure of mine since it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


6 – Sweet Lady

A great rock track, but it’s only really a mid-tier song when compared to others on the album.

5 – Death On Two Legs

A fantastic opening to the album, which sets up the grandiose tone perfectly. I find it a bit jarring when it ends abruptly, but other than that it’s a great track.


4 – Love Of My Life

One of the band’s most iconic songs, and a favourite of theirs to play live. You can really feel the emotion in Freddy’s voice, and his performance is really what carries the song (I’ll use this time to mention how amazing Freddy Mercury is as a singer and frontman – he’s probably the best ever in both categories).

3 – The Prophet’s Song

Possibly the most underrated song in Queen’s entire discography, “The Prophet’s Song” is the band’s operatic masterpiece before “Bohemian Rhapsody” even plays. It would take a group of geniuses to construct something like this, but luckily Queen had musical smarts and then some.

All-Time Great

2 – You’re My Best Friend

John Deacon is the hidden weapon of this band, as he helped to write some of the best songs in rock history. Tracks like “Another One Bites The Dust” and “I Want to Break Free” are prime examples of this, but “You’re My Best Friend” is his most feel-good song, and this track is a prime reason why this album is so beloved.

1 – Bohemian Rhapsody

Yeah, you saw this coming (I hope).

This comes in first place almost by default, as the song has just become too iconic not to place first. The anthem for a generation, and an extremely strong candidate for greatest song of all time. If you don’t head-bang at the end you have no soul.

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