“Absolution” Songs Ranked

We’re back on track with the main albums, and this was arguably the album that propelled Muse to rock stardom. There are lots of great tracks in here, but how would I rank them?

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15 – Intro

If I’m going to include every track from the album, of course this is in last place.

Pretty solid way to build up tension for the opening track, but I can’t put it higher than “OK” otherwise I’d need to admit myself to a mental institution.

14 – Interlude

Similar to the intro track, but “Interlude” is actually a great way to set up “Hysteria”, and they even do it live sometimes to set up the aforementioned song.


13 – Falling Away With You

Definitely my least favourite proper track on the album, but it’s still a decently good song with some good moments.

12 – Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

A nice little track, but I kind of wish they’d put “Fury” on the album instead of this.

11 – Apocalypse Please

This paired with “Intro” forms the first track on the album, and I think it’s a pretty good way to kick things off. It’s never been a favourite of mine, but it sets the mood quite nicely.


10 – Blackout

A lovely slow song to calm down from the intense tracks before it, and the live version at Wembley is definitely worth a listen.

9 – The Small Print

This track has grown on me quite a bit, but I’ll always have a slight gripe for the fact it was this song that knocked “Fury” off of the album. Personally, I think they should have kept them both, with maybe “Thoughts of a Dying Atheist” losing out. The live version is great too because Wolstenholme gets to provide some vocals.

8 – Ruled by Secrecy

This song takes a few listens to truly appreciate, but my goodness is this a chilling thing of beauty.

It works as the official end of the album, but I still prefer “Fury” as the album closer.

7 – Butterflies and Hurricanes

I think a lot of Muse fans would put this higher, but it’s never been an absolute favourite of mine. It still rocks though, and Matt’s piano playing in the middle is exceptional.

6 – Fury

I’ve talked about this track a lot already, but I definitely think it should have made the cut instead of being left as a bonus track.

It fits the tone of the album perfectly, and I only wish they’d play this doom rock sensation live more often.

5 – Endlessly

I can’t imagine many people putting this in their top 5 songs on the album, but “Endlessly” has always stuck out to me as a fantastic track. You really feel as if Matt had someone in mind when writing this pop ballad.


4 – Time Is Running Out

These top four tracks are all some of the band’s best, and “Time is Running Out” has been a live staple ever since Absolution’s release.

Wolstenholme’s bass is the obvious standout, but Bellamy’s gloomy lyrics are also a major reason as to why this is one of their most popular tracks, even to this day.

3 – Sing For Absolution

I’d consider this to be a top ten Muse song – that’s how much I love this track.

It’s unlike the band to write a sort of ballad, but it makes perfect sense to write a softer, gloomy song. It also completely contrasts the song after it …

All-Time Great

2 – Stockholm Syndrome

Probably the most insane heavy metal track in Muse’s catalogue, “Stockholm Syndrome” gets better with every listen – the lyrics about the aforementioned condition are intriguing, the tone of the bass is exquisite, and Bellamy’s vocals / guitar work are some of the best he’s ever done.

I’d highly recommend watching the live version from Glastonbury 2004 – that has to be one of the most insane live performances I’ve ever seen.

1 – Hysteria

I know “Knights Of Cydonia” has a good shout at being their best song (and to be honest they have quite a lot of contenders), but for me “Hysteria” takes the cake.

It has probably the best bassline ever, and it’s really Chris Wolstenholme that makes this track what it is. The rest of the song is perfect as well, but the bassline alone is enough to put this at number one.

Aaaaand that’s the list. Next time is my favourite album of theirs, but for now you can check out some of my latest posts:

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