“Black Holes And Revelations” Songs Ranked

For me, this is the best Muse album, and one of the best albums of all time for that matter. The individual songs might not be as strong as “Origin of Symmetry” or “Absolution”, but they just seem to work on this album. How would I rank these marvellous songs?

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12 – Hoodoo

A lot of die-hard Muse fans will hate me for this, but this might be their most overrated “underrated” song.

“Hoodoo” just doesn’t do anything for me, and it serves as a stepping stone to the climactic song. At least it’s not a bad song, otherwise I wouldn’t rate this album as highly as I do.


11 – Soldier’s Poem

A lovely little song, but it makes the album grind to a halt after the exceptional opening four songs.


10 – Invincible

Most Muse fans would rate this higher, but “Invincible” has never really stood out for me. Still a good song, but it’s nothing more than “Good”.

9 – City of Delusion

A fun song with a great bassline. I couldn’t decide whether to bump this up to “Great” or not, but in the end I don’t think it’s quite as good as the rest of the songs.


8 – Assassin

An intensely heavy song with a great riff, and the drum part is a stand-out. There’s some dissonance that goes on in the choruses that I really like as well.

7 – Exo-Politics

Quite an underrated rock gem, the drum part instantly sucks you into the groove. This beat is what drives the song forwards, and lyrically there are some great moments too.

6 – Glorious

The only bonus track that isn’t as good as the actual finale, but that doesn’t mean “Glorious” isn’t a great track. I’ve heard somewhere that Dom really likes this and wants it to be played live more often, and I couldn’t agree more.


5 – Take a Bow

One of my favourite album openers of all time, I really like the space synth sounds on display. That drop in the middle is euphoric, and on the whole this is just an insane start to an amazing album.

4 – Map of the Problematique

“Black Holes And Revelations” has one of the strongest album starts ever, and the final of the four sensational opening tracks is “Map of the Problematique”. It’s definitely the crazy guitar effects and Matt’s lyrics that make this song what it is (is it just me who thinks this sounds like a Depeche Mode song?).

All-Time Great

3 – Starlight

If we’re talking about instant classics that will go down in music history, then of course “Starlight” is an all-time great.

This is just a pure crowd pleaser, from the piano riff to the instantly clappable (is that a word?) drum beat. Fun fact – the band were extremely hungover when they shot the music video.

2 – Supermassive Black Hole

I’ve always preferred the heavy side of Muse, and “Supermassive Black Hole” is as heavy and iconic as you can get.

The riff that plays throughout the song is so simple yet so effective, and the choruses are way too catchy for their own good. This was one of the first Muse songs I ever heard because of its use on a FIFA soundtrack, so thanks FIFA for showing me the wonders of this band.

1 – Knights of Cydonia

For most people this is THE definitive Muse song, and it would be hard to disagree with them.

It has become a staple of every Muse concert, and after this song plays you know you’ve heard everything you could ever possibly want to hear. The middle operatic section and final rock bit mirror “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and this song is partly why many consider Muse to be the “Queen” or this generation.

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