“WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked

I’ve talked about my love for the MCU in the past, so when I heard they were going to branch out into the television landscape I was both intrigued and excited to see how they’d pull it off.

The first of these outings – WandaVision – is a great start to their television catalogue (not perfect, but very good), and the episodic nature of the show means this is ripe for the ranking. How would I rank every episode?

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9 – Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience (Ep 1)

First and foremost, I didn’t think any WandaVision episode was bad. Each story was worth telling, and there were bits and pieces in each and every outing that kept me engaged and interested to keep watching.

The first episode has a charming ’50s appeal, but it is a bit underwhelming by nature. The story gets off to a slow, methodical start, which works in terms of the overall season, but means this is definitely the weakest episode. That last dinner scene is chilling though, and bumps this up from “OK” to “Good”.

8 – Breaking the Fourth Wall (Ep 7)

As a fan of The Office, I loved the premise of this one. The opening sequence was fun (albeit a little underwhelming), and the fourth wall breaks and glances were delightful.

Out of all the episodes, this is definitely the most filler. There isn’t much that happens in this one – other than the nice twist finale – so it was always going to rank lower on my list.

7 – Don’t Touch That Dial (Ep 2)

The story was trucking along nicely, and after the pilot I wasn’t sure where they were going to take it.

They keep up the little dashes and sprinkles of clues as to what’s really happening, and I really enjoyed how the first half of the season felt like a puzzle we had to piece together.


6 – Now in Color (Ep 3)

The first half of WandaVision built up the tension nicely, and this was the first episode where those tensions are suddenly and surprisingly put to the forefront.

I’ll take this moment to mention – the set design / scripts / overall aesthetic of each TV era are flawless, and I was wowed every time I put on an episode of WandaVision. You can tell a lot of care went into meticulously crafting each television era, and it certainly paid off.

5 – Previously On (Ep 8)

This was the hardest one to place, as it hardly felt like a WandaVision episode at all. This wouldn’t be out of place in an MCU film, from it’s meandering twists and turns to its overall execution and vibe.

It was definitely great to get even more of a backstory for Wanda, and finding out what really happened to kickstart the events of the series was both mesmerising and heart-breaking.

4 – The Series Finale (Ep 9)

“The Series Finale” (wow guys, original name much) was a satisfying conclusion to the story, and provided lots of great action and emotional moments. Whilst it wasn’t the most bombastic MCU fight by a long stretch, it did a decent job of entertaining me.

What I will say, is that there are a fair number of unsatisfying unresolved plot threads. The alternate Vision seemed very cliché of Marvel (*sigh*, he’ll come back and make the emotional moments null and void, I suppose), and I disliked how Wanda barely got any backlash for her misdeeds. She gets off basically scot free, I would have at least liked to see the townspeople get angry and throw her out of the town.

3 – All-New Halloween Spooktacular (Ep 6)

A fantastic mid-season episode, mainly for how they handled Vision’s realisations. Paul Bettany gave a fantastic performance throughout WandaVision’s runtime, and his exploration and subsequent escape attempt of the town was chilling to watch.

We didn’t know it at the time, but “Quicksilver” returning ended up just being a red herring. I was excited to see if a sprawling multiverse would take centre stage, but instead we just got the underwhelming plot twist that it was never Quicksilver to begin with. Oh well, bring on the Multiverse of Madness.


2 – We Interrupt This Program (Ep 4)

After 3 episodes of build-up, the tension was shattered brilliantly by this mid-season bombshell.

Lots of puzzling questions were finally given answers, Wanda’s true motivations were revealed, and it was great to see the aftermath of The Snap from another person’s perspective.

1 – On a Very Special Episode … (Ep 5)

So many fantastic things happened in this episode: Vision finding out the truth, Wanda and Vision’s confrontation (great acting, probably my favourite moment of the whole series), and the crazy reveal of Quicksilver to send the internet into a meltdown.

Sure, the Quicksilver reveal didn’t actually amount to anything in the end, but the shivers it sent down my spine at the time more than made up for it. WandaVision was at its best during its mid-season – the true story was revealed in full, characters make difficult decisions, and I was enjoying it so, so much.

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