Worst Possible Doctor Who Season

I’ve been through the Best Possible Season of Doctor Who, so I think it’s only fair that Whittaker and Chibnall get some representation as well. Be warned – there are some absolute stinkers ahead. I’ve linked some of my other Doctor Who lists below: Episode 1 – The Woman who Fell to Earth Dishonourable Mention:Continue reading “Worst Possible Doctor Who Season”

Doctor Who: Season 12 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

Finally, after 11 seasons (and the 2009 specials) we’ve made it to the final season of the show (so far). Up until the finale I thought this was an average / slightly worse than average season, but The Timeless Child reveal well and truly killed any chance this season had. How would I rank theseContinue reading “Doctor Who: Season 12 Stories Ranked and Reviewed”

Doctor Who: Season 11 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

Welp, this isn’t going to be a fun season to review. I was skeptical when Chibnall was announced as show-runner, and even more skeptical when Whittaker was announced in the title role. My skepticism turned out to be well-founded, as this season is easily the worst in the show’s history. Where are the two-parters? ClassicContinue reading “Doctor Who: Season 11 Stories Ranked and Reviewed”

Doctor Who: Season 7 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

Welp, we’ve hit the point where the show really goes downhill. Quite a few bad episodes in this season, and I remember watching this live thinking “this is the beginning of the end”, and I was kind of right. How would I rank this selection of mediocre stories? See below some of my other DoctorContinue reading “Doctor Who: Season 7 Stories Ranked and Reviewed”

Doctor Who: Season 5 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

I was sceptical going into this season – my favourite Doctor and show-runner had left, and the show was effectively a blank slate. My fears were completely unfounded, it turned out, as Smith and Moffat knocked it out of the park. How would I rank the episodes in season 5? Check out some of myContinue reading “Doctor Who: Season 5 Stories Ranked and Reviewed”

What I’d Do With Doctor Who

You may disagree with me, but I truly believe Doctor Who has deteriorated in quality so greatly that it’s time for a major shake-up. Whether this can be fixed with a soft reboot (basically a straightforward regeneration) or a hard one (cancel and brought back, or a new show entirely) is anyone’s guess. In thisContinue reading “What I’d Do With Doctor Who”