“David Bowie (A.K.A Space Oddity)” Songs Ranked

This is a much better album from Bowie, and on a good day I might even put it in my top 10 records of his. It’s definitely top half though, mainly for how Bowie uses experimentation and properly sets up his musical identity, so this is without a doubt the better, official debut album. HowContinue reading ““David Bowie (A.K.A Space Oddity)” Songs Ranked”

“Simulation Theory” Songs Ranked

Similarly to “The 2nd Law”, a lot of people love to hate on this album. Similarly to before, I actually quite like this album. I’m not sure if I prefer it over “The 2nd Law”, but it’s at least good. How would I rank the songs? Check out some of my other Muse lists below:Continue reading ““Simulation Theory” Songs Ranked”

“The 2nd Law” Songs Ranked

A lot of people loathe this album, but I think that’s a bit harsh – there are way too many good songs on this to be a bad album, but I have to concede it’s not a great effort from the band. I can appreciate the experimenting on some of the songs, but how wouldContinue reading ““The 2nd Law” Songs Ranked”