“Resistance” Songs Ranked

A lot of people say this is a weak album, to which I say – ARE YOU MAD? THIS IS AMAZING!

In all seriousness, this is a great album that I’d highly recommend. How would I rank the songs? (For the sake of this list I’ll do the “Exogenesis: Symphony” songs separately, but they should really be appreciated as one complete work of art).

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11 – Guiding Light

Definitely the weakest track on the album, but not bad by any means.

I really like the simple bassline that Chris provides, and to be honest it’s just the whole feel of the song that’s lacking – in an album as grand as this, I wish they’d committed to a more adventurous track.


10 – Exogenesis: Symphony Pt. 2 (Cross-pollination)

I think most people would agree that the middle part of the finale is the weakest, but even then it’s still pretty good. The piano playing is exceptional (as always), but the actual melodic ideas aren’t as big as the songs either side of it.


9 – MK Ultra

We’ve hit the “Great” tier very early on, but I do truly believe that most of the songs on here are excellent.

I’ll be honest, “MK Ultra” isn’t a huge favourite of mine, but I still really like it and consider it to be a great song.

8 – United States of Eurasia

Possibly the most “Queen” Muse have ever gotten, I absolutely love the pompous tone of this track. Bellamy singing “Eurasia!” over and over again is definitely a highlight of the album.

7 – I Belong to You

I feel like this this one of the band’s most underrated songs ever, but I know a lot of Muse fans would disagree with me and call this a weak song. Well, this is my list and I say it’s great.

It’s kind of funny hearing Bellamy speak French incorrectly, but the rest of the track is simply gorgeous.

6 – Exogenesis: Symphony Pt. 1 (Overture)

The first chapter of the wonderful symphony to close the album, and it sets the tone perfectly.

I really like the orchestral arrangements on display, and the vocal harmonies near the end of the song are sublime.

5 – Resistance

Possibly blasphemous not to have this in the top 3, but I don’t like “Resistance” as much as some other tracks on the album.

It’s still obviously a great song, and Dom’s drumming at the start really sets the mood. Unsurprisingly, Chris’s bassline is the hidden star of this track, but take nothing away from Matt and his great vocal performance.

4 – Unnatural Selection

In an album full of mostly symphonic rock, it was nice to get a pure rock tune.

Boasting one of the band’s best ever riffs, this track should really have taken off and become a worldwide hit, but alas it shall remain an underrated track on an underrated album.


3 – Exogenesis: Symphony Pt. 3 (Redemption)

The song to end the album, and my goodness is it an amazing and emotional one.

The whole concept of “let’s start over again” is hauntingly beautiful, and the orchestral arrangement perfectly complements it. Sometimes I listen to this album just to hear this song, that’s how good it is.

2 – Uprising

An incredibly iconic song to start the album, there’s a good case to be made that this is Muse’s most famous song of the bunch.

I really like the rebellious lyrics and thumping rhythm section, and I was very surprised when making this list that it didn’t take the number one spot.

1 – Undisclosed Desires

There can’t be many people who would say this is their favourite track on the album, but I just find “Undisclosed Desires” to be the perfect Muse love song.

Chris’s slap bass is instantly groovy and gives the track a distinct and unique feel, and the whole arrangement from the drums to the vocals to the background vocals work brilliantly together. I’d say this is one of the best songs the band have ever done.

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