Top 30 Ace Attorney Characters

I recently did a ranking of Great Ace Attorney main characters, and that got me thinking – what are my favourite characters across the WHOLE series? A couple of things to look out for – the spinoff series will be fair game this time around, and there might be major SPOILERS ahead. I did aContinue reading “Top 30 Ace Attorney Characters”

Ace Attorney – Top 50 Tracks

I love Ace Attorney. I love a great videogame soundtrack. Therefore the fact that I haven’t made this type of list yet baffles me – so to make up for it, I’m ranking a whopping fifty tracks across the entire series (spinoffs included!). Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first – thisContinue reading “Ace Attorney – Top 50 Tracks”

Ace Attorney vs Danganronpa

By far the two games series I’ve talked about most on my blog are Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. I’ve loved them both pretty much equally ever since I played them, and all of the games in each series holds a special place in my heart for one reason or another. I recently did a DanganronpaContinue reading “Ace Attorney vs Danganronpa”

EVERY Ace Attorney Case Ranked

I’ve already re-ranked the Ace Attorney games, but now that I’ve finally finished The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles I can make an updated ranking of all the Ace Attorney cases – all 50 of them when you include Chronicles and Investigations! This is quite a colossal list to do, but I reckon I’m up toContinue reading “EVERY Ace Attorney Case Ranked”

Every Ace Attorney Game Ranked (UPDATED)

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles recently came out to the Western market (finally), so that means I can now do a more comprehensive ranking of all the Ace Attorney games! I also think it’s time for a re-shuffle, as in hindsight I was overly harsh / lenient to some entries. I won’t be doing aContinue reading “Every Ace Attorney Game Ranked (UPDATED)”

Ace Attorney – Every Prosecutor Ranked

Ace Attorney prosecutors have quite an important role to play in all the games, as while there usually isn’t an over-arching baddie for the player to direct their hatred towards, the defence always needs to face off against the prosecution across all the cases. This means that you’ll be seeing these characters a lot duringContinue reading “Ace Attorney – Every Prosecutor Ranked”

Every Major Ace Attorney Character Ranked

I bet you thought I’d run out of Ace Attorney lists – well think again! I’ve ranked the characters in the Danganronpa series, so I thought I’d give the Ace Attorney series a go. Now, it’s a little trickier doing Ace Attorney compared to Danganronpa – there are hundreds of characters, most of whom youContinue reading “Every Major Ace Attorney Character Ranked”

Ace Attorney Series – Pursuit Themes Ranked

I’ve already made a list ranking every single case from the Ace Attorney games, so it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the series. One of my favourite aspects of the Lawyer / Investigation / Visual Novel fusion of games has to be the outstanding music – there are so many iconic tracks,Continue reading “Ace Attorney Series – Pursuit Themes Ranked”

All 8 Ace Attorney Games Ranked – Main Series and Investigations (OUTDATED)

I never expected to love the Ace Attorney series quite as I have done, but the detective / visual novel / lawyer / all-round bonkers series of games hit all the right notes like few other games have. I recently did a post about the original trilogy (I’ve linked it below), but now after havingContinue reading “All 8 Ace Attorney Games Ranked – Main Series and Investigations (OUTDATED)”

Phoenix Wright Trilogy – Cases Ranked

This trilogy caught me completely off-guard – I’d never think I’d like a game that is essentially a Japanese novel, but here we are. Consisting of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials & Tribulations, this lawyer series has become a favourite of mine, and it’s many twists and character moments will stickContinue reading “Phoenix Wright Trilogy – Cases Ranked”