The Sinking City – Almost A Classic

It’s been a while since I’ve done a game review on this blog – what better way to re-start this type of post than with a game I replayed recently that nobody cares about anymore, “The Sinking City”! Frogwares are more known for their Sherlock Holmes games, so I was surprised when they released aContinue reading “The Sinking City – Almost A Classic”

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – REVIEW

I finally got around to playing the latest Sherlock Holmes game by Frogwares (a series that I love to bits!), and it was certainly quite the experience. The developers have absolutely nailed the immersion of the investigations, and there has never been a more ambitious Sherlock Holmes game in terms of scale to date. WeContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – REVIEW”

Persona 4 Golden – Every Dungeon Ranked

Now, I’m not really a JRPG sorta guy – I had played Japanese-inspired games, sure, but a JRPG just seemed like a huge commitment of both time and energy. A friend of mine recommended Persona 4 a few months ago, and within hours I had fallen in love with the story and the characters. IContinue reading “Persona 4 Golden – Every Dungeon Ranked”


It’s been a good while since I reviewed my last game, but I think it’s time I jumped back on the bandwagon. I have a bit of a niche when it comes to gaming, as more often then not I seem to fall back on the detective genre – so when “Murder Mystery Machine” dropped,Continue reading “MURDER MYSTERY MACHINE – Review”


I never thought I’d write any sort of review in my lifetime – videogames (and any form of entertainment platform) will always be subjective, and each person’s experience will differ from the next. After the credits rolled for “Paradise Killer”, I knew I had to talk about it. It is one of the most uniqueContinue reading “PARADISE KILLER – Review”