The Sinking City – Almost A Classic

It’s been a while since I’ve done a game review on this blog – what better way to re-start this type of post than with a game I replayed recently that nobody cares about anymore, “The Sinking City”! Frogwares are more known for their Sherlock Holmes games, so I was surprised when they released aContinue reading “The Sinking City – Almost A Classic”

Phoenix Wright Games & Cases – Overrated / Underrated

About ten years ago, I first stumbled across a little game called “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”. Over the decade since, my love for the franchise has only grown and grown. When you’re a fan of something for so long, you’re bound to develop a spicy opinion or two. Time to ruffle some feathers and sayContinue reading “Phoenix Wright Games & Cases – Overrated / Underrated”

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – REVIEW

I finally got around to playing the latest Sherlock Holmes game by Frogwares (a series that I love to bits!), and it was certainly quite the experience. The developers have absolutely nailed the immersion of the investigations, and there has never been a more ambitious Sherlock Holmes game in terms of scale to date. WeContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – REVIEW”

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Case Ranked

I finally got round to playing both of the Great Ace Attorney games (conveniently packaged into one glorious bundle), and oh my word was it sensational. As a complete, 10 case story, I don’t think Ace Attorney will ever reach these levels of quality again. As most people have already said, the first game takesContinue reading “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Case Ranked”

Sherlock Holmes – Cases Ranked (Frogwares Games)

A bit of a random ranking today, but I absolutely bloody love the new Sherlock Holmes series that Frogwares is developing. There are two games in the series so far, with an intriguing prequel game on the way. There’s just something about these recent games that I adore, from the delightful cases to the delectableContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes – Cases Ranked (Frogwares Games)”

Every Film I Saw In 2019 – Ranked

I should probably make it clear that I’m NOT an adamant cinephile. I do love a good movie, but I probably haven’t seen as many new films as you have. 2019 was also the year where I sat some important exams, so there wasn’t much time to sit down and enjoy a good flick. Still,Continue reading “Every Film I Saw In 2019 – Ranked”