“Pinups” Songs Ranked

Bowie was at the peak of his fame when “Pinups” was released, so it must have been a huge disappointment for fans when this came out. This easily ranks among one of his worst records, mainly due to the fact it’s a full-on cover album. How would I rank this mediocre outing? You can checkContinue reading ““Pinups” Songs Ranked”

“Hunky Dory” Songs Ranked

Amazing. What else do I need to say? This is one of Bowie’s best albums, and one of the greatest of all time. How would I rank these incredible songs? You can check out some of my other posts below: Meh 11 – Eight Line Poem A nice idea on paper, but it feels likeContinue reading ““Hunky Dory” Songs Ranked”

“David Bowie (1967 Debut Album)” Songs Ranked

Originally I was only going to analyse a few of Bowie’s albums, but after doing my Muse series I realised that I could give the Thin White Duke’s discography the same treatment. First up is his 1967 debut album and, well … it’s a pretty bad album. David himself considers his 1969 album “Space Oddity”Continue reading ““David Bowie (1967 Debut Album)” Songs Ranked”