My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song

As a songwriter, I’m always fascinated by the lyrical landscapes painted by my favourite artists. I believe the greatest lyricist in music history, the man capable of taking the listener on a captivating journey almost every time without fail, to be none other than David Bowie. Since this isn’t like my usual rankings, I’ll justContinue reading “My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Three: 70-1)

We’ve made it to the last part of this Bowie extravaganza – I’ll only be looking at “Amazing” and “All-Time Great” tracks from now. I was surprised by how many top tier songs there were in the end! If you missed it, here are Parts One and Two: And here are a few of myContinue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Three: 70-1)”

David Bowie – Opening Tracks Ranked

A long time ago I ranked all of The Beatles’s opening songs, mainly just as a fun way of showing how the first song on the album is one of the most important and usually one of the strongest of the record. I wasn’t really planning on giving any other artist the same treatment, butContinue reading “David Bowie – Opening Tracks Ranked”

What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography

I’ve done a more than a few Bowie lists on by blog, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely bloody love the man. He was a beautiful soul, with creativity and flair oozing out of every artistic endeavour, and hardly a day goes by where I feel saddened by his tragic passing a few yearsContinue reading “What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography”

“Hunky Dory” Songs Ranked

Amazing. What else do I need to say? This is one of Bowie’s best albums, and one of the greatest of all time. How would I rank these incredible songs? You can check out some of my other posts below: Meh 11 – Eight Line Poem A nice idea on paper, but it feels likeContinue reading ““Hunky Dory” Songs Ranked”