Uchikoshi Games Ranked (ZeroEscape & AI: The Somnium Files)

Uchikoshi games (namely the ZeroEscape and AI: The Somnium Files series) need way more love. They are some of the best visual novel games I’ve ever played, and each one provides a great, mind-boggling mystery with multiple timelines to explore. I’ll be ranking all five games based on personal preference and how well the storyContinue reading “Uchikoshi Games Ranked (ZeroEscape & AI: The Somnium Files)”

Assassin’s Creed – The Best & Worst Thing About Each Game

I’ve played every single mainline Assassin’s Creed game, most of them more than once, and I can confidently say that none of them are outright bad. Some have aged poorly, others integrate bad mechanics, the more recent ones are too long, but each one serves up an interesting and (usually) engaging experience. That being said,Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed – The Best & Worst Thing About Each Game”

My Top 25 Favourite Videogames Of All Time

I’ve made more lists than I can count talking about videogames, but I’ve never specifically listed out my favourites. After taking some time to gather my thoughts, I think I’ve come up with my 25 favourite games of all time (providing I haven’t forgotten any!). A few rules I set for myself: I’m only allowingContinue reading “My Top 25 Favourite Videogames Of All Time”

Which Assassin’s Creed RPG Game Is Best?

The recent trilogy of Assassin’s Creed RPG games have certainly come with their controversies, but it seems this style is here to stay. Personally, I quite like this new direction … it’s the execution that sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. I have a general idea of which games are my favourites, but IContinue reading “Which Assassin’s Creed RPG Game Is Best?”

Assassin’s Creed – Every Game Ranked (INCLUDING VALHALLA)

Assassin’s Creed is one of my favourite videogame series of all time, and more often than not I can find a lot of enjoyment in them. They might not be perfect, but boy are they fun. Over two years ago I made a ranking of the AC games (without Valhalla at the time), and myContinue reading “Assassin’s Creed – Every Game Ranked (INCLUDING VALHALLA)”

Which Danganronpa Game Is The Best?

I’ve made plenty of Danganronpa rankings on my blog, and I’ve also done a few game reviews recently as well. You would think, then, that it would make sense to review each of the three Danganronpa games – but you’d be wrong! I’m going to review all three at once! I’ll be rating each ofContinue reading “Which Danganronpa Game Is The Best?”

Every Ace Attorney Game Ranked (UPDATED)

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles recently came out to the Western market (finally), so that means I can now do a more comprehensive ranking of all the Ace Attorney games! I also think it’s time for a re-shuffle, as in hindsight I was overly harsh / lenient to some entries. I won’t be doing aContinue reading “Every Ace Attorney Game Ranked (UPDATED)”

Every Major Ace Attorney Character Ranked

I bet you thought I’d run out of Ace Attorney lists – well think again! I’ve ranked the characters in the Danganronpa series, so I thought I’d give the Ace Attorney series a go. Now, it’s a little trickier doing Ace Attorney compared to Danganronpa – there are hundreds of characters, most of whom youContinue reading “Every Major Ace Attorney Character Ranked”

Sherlock Holmes – Cases Ranked (Frogwares Games)

A bit of a random ranking today, but I absolutely bloody love the new Sherlock Holmes series that Frogwares is developing. There are two games in the series so far, with an intriguing prequel game on the way. There’s just something about these recent games that I adore, from the delightful cases to the delectableContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes – Cases Ranked (Frogwares Games)”

All 8 Ace Attorney Games Ranked – Main Series and Investigations (OUTDATED)

I never expected to love the Ace Attorney series quite as I have done, but the detective / visual novel / lawyer / all-round bonkers series of games hit all the right notes like few other games have. I recently did a post about the original trilogy (I’ve linked it below), but now after havingContinue reading “All 8 Ace Attorney Games Ranked – Main Series and Investigations (OUTDATED)”