EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Two: 190-71)

We can leave the mediocrity behind us – it’s only “Good” and “Great” songs from here! Same rules apply as before, and if you don’t know what that is you can check out Part One here: And here are a few of my related blog posts: Good 190 – Without You I don’t mind thisContinue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Two: 190-71)”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part One: 280-191)

Because I enjoyed ranking all of the Beatles’ songs so much, I decided to give Bowie’s discography a go – I’ll have to split this up into three parts, there’s just so many songs to choose from! I haven’t selected every song he ever wrote – Some albums, like the Labyrinth soundtrack or Tin Machine,Continue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part One: 280-191)”

David Bowie Producers Ranked

David Bowie was a true genius, and arguably the greatest artist of our time. As good as he was, though, he didn’t do it all by himself. He had an array of fantastic producers helping him, and they each deserve a special mention in their own right. I thought it would be fun to rankContinue reading “David Bowie Producers Ranked”

David Bowie – Closing Tracks Ranked

I knew Bowie’s openers were good, but the sheer quality of his album closers surprised me – while there aren’t as many “All-Time Greats” as in the “Openers” category, the majority of closing tracks are pretty outstanding. Same rules apply as in the “Opening Tracks Ranked” list – I’ll definitely be looking at the qualityContinue reading “David Bowie – Closing Tracks Ranked”

50 Underrated David Bowie Songs

I thought I’d just have a bit of fun with this one – I’ve made far too many lists about David Bowie, and I promise I’ll run out soon! In my various lists I’ve mentioned a few songs that I thought were underrated, so my original plan was to pick out 10 or 20 tracksContinue reading “50 Underrated David Bowie Songs”

What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography

I’ve done a more than a few Bowie lists on by blog, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely bloody love the man. He was a beautiful soul, with creativity and flair oozing out of every artistic endeavour, and hardly a day goes by where I feel saddened by his tragic passing a few yearsContinue reading “What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography”