“Lonerism” Songs Ranked

Tame Impala (and more specifically Kevin Parker) is one of my favourite music artists around today, and although “Innerspeak” was his debut, “Lonerism” is when Kevin really hit the big time. Lots of great tracks on this, but how would I rank them? You can check out some of my other album rankings below: BadContinue reading ““Lonerism” Songs Ranked”

“Simulation Theory” Songs Ranked

Similarly to “The 2nd Law”, a lot of people love to hate on this album. Similarly to before, I actually quite like this album. I’m not sure if I prefer it over “The 2nd Law”, but it’s at least good. How would I rank the songs? Check out some of my other Muse lists below:Continue reading ““Simulation Theory” Songs Ranked”

“Drones” Songs Ranked

Muse seem to be alternating between experimental and pure rock albums, so after “The 2nd Law” it was only natural that we got this great rock record. Plenty of great songs here, but how would I rank them? I’ve linked a few of my other Muse lists below: Bad 12 – Drones This barely evenContinue reading ““Drones” Songs Ranked”

“Showbiz” Songs Ranked

I at least like every Muse album, so I thought I might as well do every one of their albums in my album songs ranked series. Showbiz is probably either my least favourite or second from bottom, but since it’s chronologically first I might as well start with it. How would I rank the songsContinue reading ““Showbiz” Songs Ranked”